Red Chinese & inner-city Queers set to steal Bennelong, Silver lining: Turnbull OUT by Chrissy

By John Miller

Wednesday the 13th of December, 2017


The Liberal Party is about to pay a heavy toll for flirting with the two groups that despise it most  – Communists and Poofters, but if there is any silver lining to the clouds gathering over Bennelong, it is that a crushing defeat to the Liberals delivered by Faggots and Red Chinese agents will be the catalyst that finally gets us rid of Turnbull.

This is the future that Turnbull created, where the God-fearing desert the Liberal party, and the Red Chinese and Pinkos that Malcolm has courted so assiduously turn out in their true colours – and rout the Liberals.

These vermin are two Fifth Columns working towards a common goal, to take down the Cross and give us nothing but Sodomy and Atheism in return.

No Christian voter is enthused by Malcolm Turnbull, a reckless vandal and a dithering sick perverted whore for the degeneracy of the Left, who straddles every side of every issue.

This is a NATION AT WAR with reckless Sodomites and their Red Chinese backers – and we need a REAL WAR-TIME LEADER.

Luckily we have at least one God fearing Liberal left: Based Tones.

And even the Nats have a guy who channels Sir Joh and BA Santamaria in despising the Godless commies. I hope John Barilaro get his Christmas wish, and I’ll add a prayer that the Nats send him to Canberra to replace Malcolm’s little mate Barnaby.

TBQH, I couldn’t care less if the Malcom Party loses Bennelong, or if every member of his government died of the plague. They are a den of bloody traitors, and not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as our glorious Menzies or Black Jack McEwen.

Bring your best game to Bennelong faggots, and you Red Chinese communist scum, and bring this hated government down. I would rather Based Tones leading us back from Opposition than this Christ hating faggot whisperer Turnbull in power any day of the week.

To heck with Current Year Liberals though. As long as Based Tones is languishing on the back bench they are dead to me.

I am endorsing the Fred Nile CDP candidate, Gui Dong “William” Cao.

IMG_5033 (1)

To me it is not about race, and it never has been. Everything is about Christ, and Christ alone, and I trust Fred Nile because he has walked the walk for a long time now.

Mr Cao was born in mainland China and became an Australian citizen 20 years ago, in 1997. He is a family man with a wife and three good kids. His local issue is overcrowding at the local schools, and his burning national issue is one that resonates with all of us: preserving religious liberty in the wake of this abomination of a deviant marriage bill that the Catamites in Parliament just passed.


Like most of us, William Cao is worried about our national debt too, and points out that we send a BILLION dollars out of the country each month in interest alone.

Gui Dong “William” Cao is the only true Conservative in the race – both Fiscal Conservative and Christian Conservative.

William Cao knows how to get the national debt down – and that’s by taking an axe to Big Bureaucracy. A man after my own heart, and just the kind of guy we need to send to Canberra.


William is an old school Christian Conservative – he wants your tax dollars to only go to those who matter, and he supports our nurses and our teachers.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the 100 Million God fearing Chinese on this globe are our first line of defence and our best allies against the present Red Chinese menace of Communist Atheism.


And I’m proud that our immigration policy worked on this one occasion, instead of bringing in some moon rock worshipping heretic who hates Christ and everything this nation stands for.

The CDP and William Cao are doing God’s work, and it’s not only the Liberals who could stand to learn a thing or two. Mr Cao is deeply concerned about the quality of our Agricultural soil and the integrity of the water ways that our Aussie farmers rely upon.

Most of all, William knows that Australians need and deserve politicians who put our Lord Jesus Christ and Australia First. He’s the man to bring back Straya Chan.


William Cao was NO all the way on the issue of NO to abomination marriages in our Aussie Churches. And if you believe in God, and Christ, and the Holy Bible, and you reject the Liberal party of Malcolm Turnbull Antichrist faggots who want to gay marry each other – then stand with William and Jesus this Saturday, and stand up for Australia.

William knows that this country was not built on rainbows and unicorns – he is an Aussie coal man through and through. A man who knows that we are big country, and we need a lot of power.

That means jobs in the Hunter, and it means that Pensioners don’t freeze to death in Winter and boil in the Summer and go broke to pay their electric bill  – just so that Turnbull and Shorten can go to Paris and suck up to some bunch of Greeny Poofters.

Don’t stab Australia in the back, and have a heart. This weekend if you are Christian and Conservative and can vote in Bennelong there is only one clear choice – William Cao for Canberra.


And Malcom Turnbull for the bin on Monday.

The Bennelong bye-election will be held this Saturday, the 16th of December.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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