GEOTUS to annex Moon in 2022, Pence to lead Imperium of Man to Mars in his first term

By John Miller

Wednesday the 13th of December, 2017


On Monday the President signed Space Policy Directive 1, shifting US policy and prioritising the complete annexation on the Moon, in the face of Red Chinese aggression. America and Red China are facing off in the Pacific, on the Korean Peninsula, amongst the Sea East Asian Vassal States, and now in Space.

The Moon and Mars belong to America, and GEOTUS this week signalled this to the faithful, those of us whose children will one-day man the chapters of the Space Marine legions, and walk amongst the stars.

The enemies of Freedom remain as perfidious as always, the same vandals in Fake News and the corrupt Manhattan Institute types who slandered Reagan and sabotaged SDI are out in force again.

Were the Star Wars technology not abandoned by shameless Bush I the traitor, and fully deployed, we would not be in this present state of fear regarding rogue nukes, where humanity lives day to day with the threat of extinction hovering over it. Freedom’s promised shield was snatched away from us by the globalists – expect them to try and sabotage us again, the Singers, Krystals, Bushes, Flakes and Corkers of this gay earth.

Securing supremacy in space is job one, men.

The space above the skies belongs to America, and President Trump knows this. Set against in him for the control of the heavens is the Unholy Alliance of RINO traitor cucks, the Red Chinese puppet Dems, and the legacy media full of Socialist Christ hating whores and faggots.

America hegemony in the Firmament has arrived over all of their objections, and President Trump planted the Star Spangled Banner above the Earth this week, announcing his plan to fully annex the Moon, and then proceed to Mars.

To surrender ascendency on Mars is to surrender ascendency on Earth, and Space Marines must and will get there first, and then hold it forever.

“We will put American boots on the face of Mars,” Vice President Pence already promised in his own to speech to NASA last July.

The Red Planet must belong to the Imperium, and to America, and the President has committed the nation to prevent Red boots from getting there first, and this begins upon our Moon.

The future is bright for the Imperium of Man, and Pence chairs the National Space Council for President Trump, who personally leads the fight here on Earth to purge NASA of the Globalist and Red Chinese spies and traitors who have subverted the agency.

“We will focus the nation’s efforts on deep space exploration rather than Earth-centric research,” the White House has promised for GEOTUS.

Since the inaugural meeting of the resurrected National Space Council on October 5, the explicit desire of the President for complete American hegemony in Space has been clear.

“We will return American astronauts to the moon, not only to leave behind footprints and flags, but to build the foundation we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond. The Moon will be a stepping-stone, a training ground, a venue to strengthen our commercial and international partnerships as we refocus America’s space program toward human space exploration,” declared Pence, who speaks with the full imprimatur of GEOTUS.

NASA plans to go to the moon with a launch in June 2022, but until the intervention of the President, there was no plan to get American boots there – not good enough.

Pence and the National Space Council need to purge this nest of traitors, and rest assured that this is what the President’s men are up to.

America needs a modern Moon lander, and if America doesn’t build one, then the Red Chinese will.

The advantage is obviously with America and NASA – but not forever.

Failure at this critical stage will hand Space itself over to the Godless Communist – and ensure starvation and the persecution of the Church amongst the stars.

Will the President allow this? Not likely, heretic.


A manned return to the Moon is totally feasible with even just a modest budget increase, and with a proper re-orientation of priorities at NASA.

Landing on the Moon, however, is just step one. Pence has already announced the establishment of a fully functioning Moon Base.

America has been preparing for this day for many decades now.

The Moon Base must fall under purview of the Pentagon, and the Space Marines. It will require a military budget, and one that dwarves the 3 to 4 BILLION a year that NASA currently spends to keep the International Space Station running safely – 20 percent of the agency’s annual budget.

NASA can find the money in it’s budget to get  a Lander to the Moon, but it will be up to the Space Marines to properly colonise it for GEOTUS.

Expect America and the Marines to annex the Moon before the mid-terms in 2022, boys.

maxresdefault (1)

But only if the Pentagon gets its act together NOW. We need to be putting the men and materials in place immediately, if we are to set up this permanent presence above us.

This colony of Space Marines upon the Moon is what we have been patiently working towards, that and the establishment of the Imperium of Man, and with the blessing of God and by the power of Christ we will compel the stars fall down before America greatness before the President hands power over to Pence and goes off to the wild blue yonder in 2024.

This will cement Trump’s legacy forever, as our first ruler in endless space.

The only alternative is endless heresy.

To get this vital work accomplished, we must remain focussed and resolved. The enemies of humanity are everywhere. They swarm amongst us, and will attempt to sabotage the mission.

Even once established, the ongoing acts of powering, resupplying, maintaining, and keeping our Moon Base will require an iron resolve and focus.

The Moon Base of our Space Marines will be connected to the Earth by an attendant Deep Space Gateway, and NASA is currently working on this – our Midway space station to be crewed by NASA astronauts.

Both projects go hand in hand – and are the future of humanity.


The Deep Space Gateway to be deployed between the Earth and the Moon will itself be a staging point for deep space missions.

NASA is and ought to be pouring its budget into the DSG, while the Pentagon needs to step up with the extra money needed for joint work on the Moon Base – ACT NOW, before the window for 2022 closes.

Money spent on the Moon Base and money spent on the Deep Space Gateway is an investment in the future of mankind, and our immediate goal – the conquest of a second planet, but we still have plenty of exploring for our intrepid Space Marines to do on the Moon, lads.

We’ve yet to explore the far side of the moon, where if there are alien artefacts, we will find them. Or if  we are being watched from the Darkness, this is where the first action will occur.

Likewise the lunar poles, which may possess vital ice reserves, and provide a priceless useable source of water – these need to be captured now – and not fall into the hands of the Godless heathens who oppose America and the Imperium of Man.

Other valuable resources are lurking just under the lunar surface too, and the Pentagon and NASA need to fully engage with American industry to get these mined and down into the economy of the Old World from the colony – so it will be America First in Space as on the Earth, above as below, and a glorious future for the Christian Allies.


Not only Marines and miners, but scientists and engineers will populate the Moon Base. The low gravity will prove a testing ground for learning how to live and work on different celestial bodies, the true stepping stone to Mars.

Yes sir, its time to get the Marines there, and 2022 MUST be the goal. It seems ambitious, but it is easily achievable with a little American can-do and resolve.


Pence and the Council need to get their skates on though, and get NASA and the Pentagon on the same page. NASA has to know exactly where its priorities lay by next February, when the White House releases its 2019 NASA budget proposal.

This was always the masterplan, the destination, and the inevitable outcome of Trump’s 66d Korean StarCraft.

American Space Marines and American Industry can and ought to be exploring the Moon within five years, and harvesting the Moon’s abundant resources before GEOTUS retires in 2024.

Let the will of Christ be done through GEOTUS, lads, and may President Pence then take Mars for America, and for the Imperium of Man, in his first term in office.

Hail Christ and Mary.

For GEOTUS eternal, and for the Imperium of Man, Deus Vult.

God bless our Space Marines.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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