Theresa May has betrayed Britain in its Darkest Hour, but the Empire will rise again

By John Miller

Monday the 11th of December, 2017


If I was to ask you what the Darkest Hour of Britain was, most of you would probably think of the Second World War. Well, perhaps if you picked the very start of the Battle of Britain, and had no idea what you were talking about, you might be sort of correct.


The advantage of the Allied squadrons in radar might have been overcome if Hitler had allowed his Air Marshalls to stick to bombing and strafing airfields and radar facilities rather than fly into the sausage grinder of Allied air defences for three months, but even this seems dubious.

Churchill was smart enough to let Dowding do his thing, and the Allies waited patiently until they controlled the skies to begin their campaign of total warfare against the Axis cities, which is what Hitler ought to have done if the Luftwaffe were up to it – which they weren’t.

And what is more Britain never lost control of the Seas, and it was kept in supply by Allied nation states for the entire War.

English aircraft carriers WWII 118-ww2shots-navy

No, Britain’s darkest hour was not during the Second World War, not even if you go back before the Battle of Britain to Dunkirk, where Hitler admitted the limits of his power over Britain.

Hitler knew he could never beat the British Navy, which means he couldn’t defeat the British Empire. He wanted to extricate himself from war with Britain, and not fight the British and Soviet Russia simultaneously.

Of course, Churchill knew the dangers of letting a German madman rule the continent, and of making deals with Germans, a common sense that Theresa is sorely missing. And Hitler knew that the last guy who had marched on Moscow had seen his continental empire fall apart, but Hitler, like Theresa May, thought with his feelings.

This then is the dilemma of having a leader with less than two working testicles, and why Britain has finally reached its Darkest Hour.

Things could get far worse still if we were an inferior breed – and the crowing Kraut ought to remember too what happens when you push us too far and don’t have the mettle to back it up.

Once upon a time, I would have said that the Darkest Hour of Britain was the hour when the Treaty of Tilsit was signed during the Napoleonic Wars, and the French and Russian emperors embraced. At this time too the Continentals were all a bunch of grovelling subjects united under one Antichrist, and at Tilsit the British lost their best ally, when Nicholas met Napoleon for Alexander I on his raft in the middle of the Neman River on the 7th of July, 1809.


The following treaty between Napoleon and Prussia was entirely predictable. Prussia exists today only as a Russian Oblast, and if the Prussian rulers had taken the same attitude towards Russia in the 19th century that Hitler did, then there never would have been a Germany in the first place.

There is not a single man left in Germany today who is fit to call himself a German, and they all ought to go back to playing princes under their local duke – and after we smash them the next time they will. Anybody remember the Kaiser?


It is important to know your place in the world, and this is why the low castes of Germany and the modern snivelling Frenchman has bound himself to the European project. They fear Russia, and they fear Great Britain.

And well they should, the weak should fear the strong.

May has no business on her knees in Brussels giving everything away, and in complete defiance of the British voter. The Englishman, the Welshman, the loyal Scot and Ulsterman, he has seen much worse than Merkel.

These Brussels homos have no standing army, no navy. Do they want another Waterloo? Then let’s give it to them.


What is more, there is a Tsar in Russia who would readily forge an alliance with Great Britain. We made a pact with Stalin, and with Alexander even after the Anglo-Russian War of 1807 to 1812, so why not Putin?

Do I care if he wants to rob his country blind? Not at all. The Russian people yearn for strong rule.

And the British people yearn to be free and to dominate the globe. So let each folk do what comes naturally to them, according to the natures that God has given them.

Is Merkel the calibre of enemy that Great Britain ought to grovel in dust before? Not bloody likely – and it is time these cowardly Continentals tasted British steel again.

This is the appalling state of British weakness, that it is being led about by the nose in these negotiations by the Europeans as if they were strong, when they are appallingly weak.

One regiment of Paras alone could take care of every feckless Continental in a heartbeat.

No, the problem is not the British people, it is Teresa, and Teresa alone.

May has capitulated. She is the worst combination of Neville Chamberlain and Guy Fawkes, a gutless appeaser who has destroyed the Parliament on a whim, and handed all its powers and prerogatives over to the enemies of Britain on the Continent.

These rights belong solely to the British nation, but if Brussels wants them, then let them COME AND FIGHT for them.

I would urge every Tory with even a dash of Churchill’s vigour left in them, and every good Loyalist son of the British Empire – get rid of this witch May, and do it NOW.

May is a cancer on the nation, and she must be cut out and disregarded.

Luckily for the Bongs, Jacob Rees Mogg is waiting in the wings, and he is a man of Christ allegedly, but he too must understand that this is no time for dithering, and if he doesn’t pluck Excalibur from the stone soon, then some other son of England will do it in his stead. So get your boots on lad, and don’t make Nigel have to do everything.

In this darkest hour Britain needs wisdom.

Wisdom comes from the Lord, but if you can’t get it from him, look to history.

Is America likely to come to the aid of Britain? Not bloody likely.

America has from its inception liked its own Independence more, and we can all recall how in 1812 when the Empire was fighting Napoleon for survival, and with the Continental blockade crippling our commerce and industry, the perfidious Yankee decided to make that grasp for greater glory.

Lucky for them we like the Burgers and the guy who is in the White House now, or they can cop some more fire and steel too.


No, America only cares about trade and commerce, and do not expect Merkel to start sinking American shipping in the Atlantic any time soon – she doesn’t even have a navy up to it if she wanted to.

So let America go its own way, they are a perfectly Godly nation for as long as the Trump administration lasts. And then they can go back to spreading degeneracy or whatever it is they do.

The Burgers think that everything that glitters is gold, and will do nothing to offend the Eurotrash, for the sake of an illusory market that will fracture into a million pieces on the first occasion that British forces are arrayed against it.

The difference between us and them is that they are quitters and cowards. Look at them all shivering behind Merkel’s skirts. London took the bombs and carried on. The Eurotrash just curled up and surrendered first chance they got. Should Britons ever fear such pitiful slaves? Bring back Bomber Harris, I say.

Markets be damned, and if you want a war of Commerce, Britain ought to play, and play to win. Bring back tariffs and slap them on everything from Europe, and let whoever wants to go join Europe go join Europe, and let whoever stands with Britain stand by her too. If the Irish pipe up, then it’s the Corn Laws and Cromwell for them too.

Britain will need allies, and it needs good ones. Look no further than those countries that still have the Union Jack in em, and India too. Pajeet is a good lad, and the cricket wouldn’t be the same without him.

India wants a good European ally against the Red Chinese communist menace, and so does Japan. It is time for Great Britain to ally with Russia, and India, and Japan. And if these European faggots and their Red Chinese masters want to play, then let’s play – and we’ll take Hong Kong back when we’re done.


But first of all, Great Britain needs to cement an alliance with Russia – there, I said it, and I’ll say it again. The British Empire and Russia united can never be defeated.

When Parliament and the Tsar are working hand-in-hand, the Continentals tremble, and well might they. 1812 was a bad year not only for Washington, when our Loyalist forces marched down and burned their White House down to the ground, it was also the year that the Russian Winter devoured the Grande Armee of Continentals.


The French have been broken ever since.

After two hundred years of Sans-culotte Socialism and immigration from the worst parts of Africa, the Muslim parts, there is nothing left of the noble Frankish bloodlines that  once made France great. They have lapsed entirely back into Gallic indolence.

They are nothing, and the non-Prussian German is nothing. They cannot fight, they cannot protect their borders, and they will either fall to us or to an endless wave of economic refugees.

There is nothing left on the Continent for Britain to fear at all, except the remnant of Calvinist commerce, but even that spark is dwindling, whereas in the Empire and the Americas we still remember how to work, and trade, and pray to God.

Do not despair for the future lads, it is bright for us, and not for them.

What’s that you say, we can do it all alone? Yes, that it true, but Britain has always been better with good allies, and once we have cemented an alliance with Russia against Berlin, we get Kaliningrad as well, which means we can quarter the army and navy in the old Prussian heartland.

With a bit of British investment, we’ll soon get Konigsberg up and humming again – and the sight of Great Britain, Russia, and its Prussian vassal united will terrify the European Union.

I look forward to the first regiment of Prussian dragoons that Vlad sends us from Kaliningrad. These guys love to kill the French.


Yet we all know the French and their low caste German allies will scatter long before the fighting starts, because every European knows in his heart that he is inferior to a British or Russian man – the entire history of War in Europe down to the Second World War testifies to this.

No, only Bolshevik treachery can save the German now, but Russia has a strong ruler. And now Great Britain needs one too.

These Continentals have no taste for steel, no loyalty, and no sense of honour.

They have forgotten and cast off their history. It is time for the British Empire to rise again, and show them what they lack.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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