4chan debates dumping supersize Taylor Swift after Tay-Tay goes LARGE, decides to settle

Sunday the 10th of December, 2017


Aryan goddess Taylor Swift has been in the only news that matters recently, as furious anons sperg out at her decision to fat-shame herself, and embarrass them in public by channelling Adele.


Swift, a notorious Nazi and /pol/ idol, which I might hastily add I only lurk so I know when to buy and sell Bitcoin because it is always right and /biz/ is shit at its jerb, was even being mercilessly hammered by the fat kids with all the Hitler jiffs.


That is, until faggot mods stepped in and ban-hammered all offenders against Tay-Tay off to the purgatory called  /bant/, which is allegedly used by phoneposters and actual fags. Wouldn’t know, never been there.


But way to kill the conversation, faggot mods.


So what provoked this un-fappening Happening, and is it even true? It must be dawg, because it slid at least five Lauren threads to page 10 just while I was scrolling, and anons rarely lie about anything.


It did not take time for the TIDF to assemble and begin to White Knight for their Queen though, and Swift will be gratified to know that no matter how much Fried Chicken she eats, she will always be welcome in anon’s basement to share tendies.


Awww, true lub.


Not so fast, ventured an unsurprisingly large number of contrarians, including several of America’s handsomest Burgers.


And before you could say cuck or eben, a literally unamazing number of lads were making sarcastic remarks about other anons. Mostly relating to how they are a faggot for liking girls, and offering various flag based burns to one another.


The swift intervention of faggot mods appears to have stifled all dissent though, and we can only hope and pray that Tay-Tay will remain on her pedestal, where she gloriously belongs, so we can all just go back to claiming trad waifu Asian qt3.14s.


And now I’m just extending the blog so I can post more Taylor.




Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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