Science discovers Degeneracy Gene in Eurofags, feelings based Nu-science disagrees

By John Miller

Saturday the 9th of December, 2017


Science today lost the last vestiges of its claim to be a fact and method based discipline, and joined the rest of the Liberal Arts tier Nu-sciences as feelings-based garbage, as the “””scientists’’’’ who inhabit the smouldering debris of the wreckage of what was once the Scientific Disciplines threw poop at one another.


The triggering incident?

An incidental discovery by Science of what has immediately and indiscriminately been labelled the “””Gay””” gene by the Poofter Community, even though it ought to have been labelled the Degeneracy marker.

Homosexuals are rejoicing nonetheless, in what they expect to be a genetic marker for their disease, which has finally been found by American Science in a group of European “””men”””.

Not so fast, according to Science itself. This was just one small group, and we think it may only indicate that these men are likely to be sexual deviants, and is just as likely to cover fornicators, paedo-sexuals, and other scumbags who until the recent collapse of civilisation were shunned.

Whatever the case may be, Burger scientists just discovered that SLITRK6 plays an important role in the brain development of sexual deviants, being particularly active in and around the hypothalamus, which in turn produces hormones that affect sex drive. Previous studies have shown that this organ can be up to 34 per cent bigger in “””gay””” “””men”””, who tend to be sex-crazed man-whores, but the Bible already covered this – thanks anyway, Science.


Not so fast again, rejoiced the acolytes of the Cult of Transsexualism, whose thought police had been monitoring the conversation with alarm. Sexuality, like everything, is based entirely on your feelings, and telling people that they were born to be gay could eventually lead to telling people they were born to be straight, and then we couldn’t pour sex change drugs into little children and chop their junk off – won’t somebody think of the Transsexual children???

Good point Nu-science, because nobody has ever discovered any proof that men and women have distinct reproductive systems, and all you men LARPing as women can probably avoid dying of prostrate cancer if you manage to fool the disease by getting another plastic surgery.

So here we have it folks. Science has discovered a genetic marker for degeneracy, and everybody who has it is gay – HA checkmate Christians – unless they feel like it shouldn’t apply to them AND they were raised by single mom who wants to turn them into a freak, or if their “””dad””” also has the same gene and wants to dress them up like a Goth lolli and molest them.

Wew Science, slow down lad. I think we have finally reached peak degeneracy, here.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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