Manny v McGregor: It’s on!? Get hyped!!

By Pints Chugger McGee

Saturday the 9th of December, 2017


As professional distance runner and rope-a-dope champ Floyd Mayweather continues to talk shite about carrying Conor until the 10th, fight fans may finally get the bout we were after the whole time, a fight between two guys that bring the violence, it’s farking on lads: Manny Pacquiao versus Conor McGregor – tentatively for April next year – now let’s go FKN MNTL.

But is it even on? Manny’s people seem to think so.

And then Dana White said something recently about Conor never fighting again, by which he means in the MMA.

If McGregor can make $100 Million every time he puts on Boxing shorts, does he even care?

Will Conor continue to mug off the 155-pound division of the UFC? Will Dana White allow him to? What is Conor’s end-game here, lads?

So far everybody is talking except Conor McGregor.

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour

I think I speak for his fans when I say I would like him to get back in the octagon and defend his title, and then go and smash it out with Manny in a boxing ring. Is Conor up for it though?

Surely yes. Manny is a little boxing god, but McGregor is in the prime of life, and Pacquiao is not so far off from that magical age when the flesh abandons a man.

Dana, make this so.

2018 could be one last shot at glory for the Pacman, and if McGregor comes prepared it might be a fight for the ages.

I am much more hyped for this than I was to see Conor fumbling at the locks of a defence that have tricked much better boxers than him – and failing to unlock the GOAT’s defences was always on the cards.

A smash-a-thon between Conor and Pacquiao is a much more exciting prospect, and I hope we get to see it next year – but Colin, lad, defend your UFC title first, FFS.


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