Donald Trump and Jesus agree: Zion is capital of Israel, Arab cosplay fags and heathens on suicide watch

By Brother Falconer

7th of December, 2017


Ever since Abraham took Isaac up the Mount to sacrifice him to God and left Hagar the Egyptian to wander off into the desert with her son Ishmael, the Arabs have had an inferiority complex.


From the day that King David was given Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel by the LORD to the day that Solomon’s Temple was burnt to the ground by Arabs for their Babylonian masters and down to the present day, this perverse jealousy has played out over and again.


Today this petty rage has infected One and One Half Thousand Millions of the cosplay Arabs who deny the Old Covenant which the Jews have with the One True God, and who deny the New Covenant which all Christians enjoy through the miraculous death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was crucified in Jerusalem, and who rose from the dead, to bring salvation to the world.

It is enough for the Jews to stick to their own Covenant, and leave Christians to our own affairs, and they can have their religion in its entirety, and we can have ours.

Not so, the cosplay Arab. Whether this monkey is afoot in Borneo, or in the prisons of Chicago, theirs is a zero-sum game which demands our total assimilation into the lie of their Koran.

Their false prophet is Mohamed, an illiterate madman and desert poet, possessed by a legion of demons, who perverted almost everything about our Holy Scriptures.

According to this heretic, there was no Covenant between Israel and its God such as the Old Testament describes, and there is no New Covenant between God and Christians either, because Christ was just a man.

This then is how we all must choose: to follow God and Christ, or to follow Satan and Mohamed.


For the Atheist, the homosexual, the fornicator, and the liar: an easy choice.

Everywhere you see them with their Refugee Welcome signs up welcoming the terrorist, but for the Christians and Jews who built their nations and gave them everything – they have nothing but disdain for us.

The Antichrist and the Islamist have made their unholy alliance, and in response we too must make our declaration, to follow Christ, to protect Jerusalem, and to uphold the eternal truth of Holy Scripture alone, no matter what the consequences.

God Bless President Donald Trump.


We must defend the Holy Land, and defend our own Christian nations from the invader, and defend them from the enemy within.

Deus Vult


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