Al Franken can’t tell the dif between digital rape and locker talk, protip: it’s three to five years

By John Miller

Friday the 8th of December, 2017


So a bunch of women just made the cover of Time for bravely saying they were raped, and this evidently made Al Franken feel bad. Bad that all his digital rape gotten up to before, during, and I guess after he leaves the US Senate might end with him going to jail?

Nah, just bad that after all the hard work his guys went to “”””finding”””” the votes he needed in the boot of a car in a field, he was also found out as a digital rapist and had to resign.

Which leads me to wonder if Al was finger banging all these women while they were sleeping, shouldn’t there be some kind of prison sentence involved?

Nah, Hillary and Al are the kind of people who laugh about setting paedo-rapists free. Corrupt evil bastards like Pete Strzok make sure they never pay for their crimes.

Hillary Clinton Appears At Al Franken For Senate Rally

I mean sweet Jesus we all knew that Al Franken was a sexual deviant, but what kind of monster commits the type of assault that Taylor Swift had to endure?

And after everything that Ashley Judd had to swallow to win that Oscar or whatever, isn’t it the grossest of indignities for her to have to witness Franken walking around in his trench-coat a free man? What kind of society permits such a very lewd individual to roam free?

Meanwhile the deranged Left continues to try and recalibrate the parameters of sexual assault so that it can include everything stupid that the President ever said to Billy Bush back when he was still the type of guy who said stupid things to his friends in private.

LOL sorry bat-shit insane LEFT, but the best Christian President since Reagan was just saying smutty things, and as long as he keeps standing up for Christ and stays Deus Vult on Jerusalem and has Mike Pence praying with him daily we can let the forgiveness of our Lord Jesus Christ take care of his wayward speech.

Watching the degenerate Left and the Manhattan Institute RINO freaks impotently rage at Trump is almost as satisfying as the Moore saga, where the Alabama voters have caught on that Gloria Allred and the Bezos Post were using the fictional content of a Mills and Boon paperback to slander the previously unimpeachable life and character of a fine Christian man who has been married for decades with kids and grandchildren.

You think you homos can turn Alabama against the only Christian Conservative in the race with what you’re peddling? Keep on walking, boy.


Have the Dems cashed that hundred-dollar joining fee that Jeff Flake sent them yet? Because you know what that means: it means watch out interns! These lewd heathens can’t keep their hands to themselves.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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