Globalist deviant watch: Redpill me on Molech

By John Miller

Tuesday the 5th of December, 2017


The revival of the Molech cult by queer Satanic money grubbing paedophile globalists is yet the latest indication of many that we are truly living in End Times; but who or what is Molech, and why is he a danger to YOUR children?


MLK by itself simply means King, and the same honourific applied to MLK David in the Iron Age as to the MLK of Sodom in the Bronze Age, the king of Sodom that Abraham’s nephew Lot went and served around the year 2000 BC. And because there were no kings in Israel before Saul it is likely to have been an Amorite or Canaanite word first.

The King of Sodom was an Amorite, and an idolater, whose city was sacked by Chedorlaomer king of Elam and the kings who were with him, when the Five Kings of the Amorites of Canaan were defeated by the Elamites and their vassals. The Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah went and hid in the Vale of Siddim amongst the slime-pits we are a told, and a full account of the matter can be found in the 14th Chapter of Genesis.

Abraham then set out after the baggage train of Chedorlaomer, which contained his nephew Lot who had been living at Sodom amongst the Amorites of the Transjordan, when Lot was taken with the plunder. He freed Lot and got back all the wealth of Sodom, which was returned to its ingrate and cowardly king.


At this time also we meet the first righteous king, Melchizedek of Salem, so we know that even from most ancient times Jerusalem was a holy city, and the Jebusites alone honoured God, and were spared when the Canaanites were purged in the Iron Age, to live amongst the Hebrews in a holy nation.

Lot though, a man of the household of Abraham gone astray, who went and lived amongst the Amorites at Sodom, was caught up in their sinful ways, and his marriage to a sinful heathen folk did not go well. For we are told Sodom and Gomorrah became such an abomination in the eyes of the LORD that Abraham was warned his nephew was in dire straits, for God would eradicate both Sodom and Gomorrah from the face of the earth, if he could not find ten righteous men there, and this was all told in the 18th Chapter of Genesis.

And in the 19th Chapter the fate of the sodomites and whores of the Transjordan came to pass, and they were annihilated who were utterly depraved, whose lifestyles are very little different from the hedonists of today. So it should come as little surprise that the goddess of jezebels and the god of the catamites have returned in these End Times as the idol and whore of the Satanic globalist cult.


Indeed, we were warned that the Dragon and the Whore of Babylon would return, in the Revelation that Saint John had upon Patmos, and even so the cults of Tammuz and Ishtar are here again.

Tammuz was known since the age of the Sumerians as the Ushumgal, or Great Dragon, and also as Ama-Ushumgal, the Great Wild Bulldragon. He was the eponymous god of the Amorites, and the Sumerians called both the Sumerians and their shepherd god Martu, which means Westerner, for they themselves were located in lower Mesopotamia, from where Abraham began his journey to Canaan in 2000 BC, after the Fall of Ur to the Amorites.


Dumuzid and another dead god were sometimes said to guard the way to Heaven by the ancients.


The Akkadians, Semites of northern Mesopotamia, where Abraham’s own tribal affiliations lay, called the Amorite folk who descended upon Sumer and Akkad the Amurru, and their god Amurru likewise, but later this became Tammuz, after the Sumerian name Dumuzid, which means True Son.

For as the Amorites became the masters of Sumer and Akkad, and established kingdoms in Isin and Larsa, these neo-Sumerians were effusive in the praise of their god, and having now temple cults and Sumerian priests who knew writing, there were many epics composed about Dumuzid, and his lover Inana.


Tales of Martu the savage, who eats raw meat and lives on the plain, but comes to the city and wrestles all of the gods in a tournament to win the boon of the king, and gains the princess in marriage, survives in two or three ancient poems. Yet there remains an entire library of epic poems that were copied and re-copied about the lusts and courtship of Dumuzid and Inana.

The Isin and Larsa period did not last more than a few centuries, and the Sealand Kingdom which followed was never great again like Sumer was, and Babylon became the centre of Sumerian and Akkadian culture with the ascent of Hammurabi the Amorite and the Old Babylonians, who preferred Akkadian as the language of Babylonia.

The cult of Tammuz was displaced in Old Babylon by that of Marduk, the city idol of Babylon, but the god was the same, the firstborn son of Enki, who was both Composite-Serpent and magic-user. In the Enuma Elish, the most sacred text of the Old Babylonians, Marduk batters all the other gods and goddesses into submission, and then has their cults subsume into his.


The first era of Marduk in Babylonia was ended after a few centuries by the Hittites, who sacked the heathen god’s city and dragged his idol half-way up the Euphrates as they marched home to Anatolia, and by the Kassites, who intercepted the Hittites and dragged the idol back to Babylon, and who then ruled Babylonia for the next 1000 years in a Dark Age of Japhetic rule, without much writing or other cultural accomplishment.

The Amorites in their Western homelands mostly went over to the strongest god, the Storm god of the Hittites and Hurrians, who is generally called Baal in the Holy Scriptures, as he was called amongst the Canaanites and Amorites, meaning lord. And his cult too was vexatious.

The chief goddess of the Canaanites was Ashtoreth of Sidon, which was their chief remaining city at the beginning of the Iron Age, when the Israelites got their first kings, Saul and David.


Solomon and the Israelites then made treaty with Tyre, Canaanite rival of Sidon, and by this alliance Tyre became pre-eminent amongst the Phoenician states of the Iron Age. By this time the Amorites were all but wiped out, and the Hebrews and Syrians the dominant regional forces.

The god of Tyre and the Phoenician remnant of the Canaanites was allowed to survive against the direct command of God to Joshua. This same deity was named Melek of the City. This Molech was considered by the Greeks to be the demi-god Hercules, because of the Phoenician sailors taking their god all around the Mediterranean, and even out past the Pillars of Hercules, to the Atlantic coasts of Iberia and farthest Africa.


And the Lebanon was a very depraved region, until the coming of Christ, and later was the centre of many fine Crusader states who removed the taint of Molech from it.

Yet Molech first went from Tyre to Carthage, the Tyrian colony which in every way surpassed its mother city-state, and there the Greeks considered him to be Kronos, who the Romans called Saturn, and after an early defeat in the Punic Wars a riotous festival of Saturn was introduced into Rome, the Saturnalia, which was simply a festival of vice and corruption.

Rome remained free of the child sacrifice of the Molech cult, and during the glory days of the Republic and early Empire the hedonism of Saturnalia never infected the state, but it later fuelled the corruption of the Empire by pedarists and transexualist admirers such as depraved Nero, who introduced its degeneracy into the daily life of his court, and by wicked entertainments he created for the Roman mob.

And thus we see the Molech worshipping Nero admirers of today, such as Malcolm Turnbull the little Antichrist of Australia, who first introduce every vice and then begin a persecution of the Mother Church.

At Carthage we know that the cult of Molech burned children in pits, and by various devilish mechanisms tortured them to death with fire, until the Romans eventually massacred all 500,000 Carthaginians and salted the earth, so that abomination would never raise itself up again. This was the end of the Punic Wars, and of the old Molech cult, until recent times.

The other cult centre of Molech was the Transjordan, today called Jordan. This region was repopulated by the Ammonites and the Moabites after the Amorite cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were obliterated.

These new tribes were the offspring of the union of Lot with an Amorite woman from Sodom, and we are told that after Lot escaped that wretched city with his whorish Amorite daughters they then got him drunk, and that the Moabites and Ammonites of present day Jordan are the result of these incestuous unions.

The Moabites of the south Transjordan favoured Chemosh of the high places, a god called Shakkan by the Sumerians, and they were not universally depraved. King David himself was a descendent of Ruth the Moabitess, and there were many Godly amongst them. The Ammonites of the north Transjordan were always vexatious to Israel though, and whored after Tammuz continuously, their abomination Molech.

When the Israelites were in the wilderness forty years, after God drowned Rameses II in the Red Sea, Moses had time to record in five Books all of the things needful for them to faithfully observe the Old Covenant, which exists eternally between their nation and God Almighty.

In the Book of Leviticus, Moses wrote about Molech, warning that burning children as the Ammonites did was a deadly sin, and that anyone who offered children to Molech must be put to death. Furthermore, not only would the person who committed the crime be cut off from his people and their Covenant forever, but even such as knew what was happening and refused to carry out the penalty, God would turn his face away from them.


Even so Solomon, who fell into depravity in his dotage, and allowed a high place for Chemosh the abomination of Moab, and even worse he allowed a place for Molech the abomination of Ammon in Jerusalem, and children there were being passed into the fire. Also Solomon allowed a cult for Ashtoreth near the city, with its attendant catamites and transsexuals and cross dressers and whores, so that Jerusalem itself was profaned with every vice.

And so the first kingdom of the Israelites fell apart, and was divided between the Ten Tribes of Israel centred on Samaria and Shechem who went their own way and named their kingdom Israel, and the Jerusalem kingdom of Judah and Benjamin which was amongst the Jebusites which remained faithful to the heir of Solomon, and their kingdom was named Judah.

Israel was a mighty kingdom, until it too went whoring after Ashtoreth under Ahab, who took the Sidonian whore Jezebel as his wife, and she persecuted the prophets of the LORD. Jezebel met a whore’s fate, but she also managed to wreck the dynasty of Ahab, and debase Israel.

And yet today’s whores are so far worse than Jezebel, and so riddled with disease that their blood would instantly kill Jehu’s dogs.


Judah may have passed away forever too, just like those Ten Tribes of Israel who are lost forever among the nations now, except Josiah remembering his God repaired the Temple in Jerusalem.

There goodly Josiah found a complete manuscript of the Five Books of Moses such as had been faithfully copied and preserved, and he purged his kingdom Judah from top to bottom of abomination and vice. Even such dens of iniquity for Ashtoreth and Chemosh and Molech, where the dark cultists had survived the entire age of the Kings of Judah, near Jerusalem.


Josiah though fell in battle against Egypt, and was replaced on the throne by sodomites and fornicators, who profaned the temple of God anew, until it was abandoned by the LORD.

So Jerusalem was plundered by Chaldeans, and paid for the sins of the age of kings, which were ended until the time of the Maccabees. Herod the Idumean then came, and foisted another hateful and depraved dynasty upon the Jews, and attempted to kill Christ our LORD when Jesus was yet an infant, except Joseph removed his family to Egypt, and Jerusalem not long after Christ was crucified there was torn asunder by Romans, and the LORD has been absent his temple there for almost two thousand years.


And such then is the tale of kings, who make alliances with Moloch worshippers and build temples from ill-gotten cedars, and quickly fall into every depravity. They are long gone, but Molech the king of depravity has come back in these finals days, as the god of the Clintons and the Podestas, and their foul child trafficking networks, and of Bezos and the money grubbers, and all the liars in the media who vex us every day with fresh calls to vice, and none of them fear the LORD.

But there is only one King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and he will return soon to throw every liar and fornicator and idolater and sodomite and other heathen into a Lake of Fire which has been prepared for them, and for their god Molech, at the Last Judgement.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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