Birds of a feather: Mueller cuts Peter Strzok loose, FBI agent corrupted by Hillary gets off scot-free

By John Miller

Tuesday the 5th of December, 2017


Who is Peter Strzok, you might ask?

Until recently all we knew was this guy was dumped from Muellerworld for appearing overly partisan in an already obviously partisan fishing operation run by ex-Obama DOJ and Team Clinton FBI hyper-partisans.


We also knew that the FBI has been wiretapping Trump since he was a candidate, in what must surely rank as the greatest scandal in all of American political history, so these guys literally have to cling to their Russian narrative until the bitter end.

And despite a year of fishing for crimes Deep State appointed Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has come up with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on President Trump.


Nobody actually believes that General Flynn was somehow turned by the Russians, but even that garbage narrative spectacularly fell apart just last weekend, despite the fact that Flynn was Christian enough to confess when the FBI caught him out in a lie.

Could Susan Rice or Hillary Clinton have been wiretapped for a year without being entrapped like Flynn? Don’t make me laugh. Would they have the audacity to keep on lying still? LOL yeah probably.


Yet no sooner was the big bombshell that was supposed to sink Trump announced, that there existed some fantastical link between Trump and the Kremlin via Flynn, than it turned out to be a REAL LINK between the Kremlin and the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION via Flynn.

And so after wiping BILLIONS off the stock market for literally nothing, Strzok was hastily ejected from Team Mueller for fanboying all this to the ravening media.


In the aftermath we have discovered much about Strzok, who heretofore had appeared a bit player, but as it turns out Strzok had PERSONALLY RE-WRITTEN Comey’s original indictment against Hillary so that she would not be disbarred from running for the Presidency.

I guess there were some jobs too disgusting EVEN FOR JAMES COMEY to do.


President Trump was well within his rights to fire Comey, who ought never to have called what Clinton did GROSS NEGLIGENCE, but if you think THAT was bad, imagine that this guy Peter Strzok then came along and said even that was too harsh for the President-in-waiting, and then he ALTERED THE FINDING of gross negligence to extremely careless.

And this was the calibre of person, who along with Andrew Weissmann, an Obama DOJ jackal whose history of sham convictions and being overturned by everyone from the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court ought to disqualify him from working anywhere, was cooking up the bogus charges for Team Mueller.

Peter Strzok in an alternate timeline is now the Director of the FBI instead of an utterly disgraced Clinton lackey. In this horror timeline the Kremlin owns Chief of Staff John Podesta through Putin’s investment in Joule, and this what everyone in the Deep State and in Russia expected 2017 to look like in America.

That the Dems and the RINOs have fought tooth and nail to drag Trump into their Swamp all year and used every maggot working in Fake News to assist in the smear is neither here nor there. All their lies and treacheries are slowly coming home to roost.

If Hillary for prison is a bridge too far for Jeff today, then let us have Strzok for prison at least. High time these treasonous rats began to pay for their crimes.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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