Operation Homeland: Richard Spencer declares independence, gib wheat fields to Nazis please

By John Miller

Sunday the 3rd of December, 2017


Richard Spencer, the incredibly well-funded Nazi and friend of the Bushes who put his hand up to take a bullet for the Manhattan Institute RINOs so those fake Conservative globalist queers would have a Nazi strawman to tarnish Trump with, yesterday outlined his Final Solution to the N-word problem and his hope for a White, bright, and National Socialist future.

Whether this is just another desperate cry for attention from his Alt Right organisation, which was, is, and will continue to be mostly irrelevant despite Richard making a GREAT strawman for Trump’s enemies, or whether Spencer has gone so far down the rabbit-hole now that he can’t back out without a carload of dumbfuck Nazis taking him out innawoods and hanging him, is anybody’s guess.

The queer globalists continue to get great value for money from Trust Fund babby Spencer, who clearly couldn’t give a damn about the plight of the working man, or American nationalism, and is universally despised by President Trump and all of his true supporters. Nonetheless, Spencer has managed to stay in the public eye, and he is the David Duke of the modern age, that one Christ hating faggot who only exists to wreck everything he comes near.

Never mind Richard, maybe you can have cocktails with Jeff Flake and Bill Krystol when all this is over. LOL nah, breddy sure nobody gonna take your calls. Life catches up with you fast when you’re a God damned traitor to your country, doesn’t it?

Also good for the rope, William Regnery II, who writes out all the cheques for the Alt Right.

regnery-1024x515 (1)

Next up, Regnery’s lackey Edwin Rubenstein, who moonlights from his day job shining Rengery’s shoes and fetching his laundry at the Manhattan Institute to do all Richard’s homework for him, and who moonlights as a guest writer of policy papers for the Alt Right’s very own National Policy Institute.


Oh and look here, when he’s not writing garbage for the Nazis and swanning around at Manhattan, he’s also an “””economics””” editor at National Review, and an editor at Forbes. Mary and Joseph, can this guy be any more of a filthy globalist scumbag?

Now I’m sure that /pol/ will see the name Rubenstein and immediately construct a vast Jewish conspiracy out of this, but I can assure this is very much a WASPy affair.


So apart from Regnery and his goat riding Freemason buddies, who else is happy to see Spencer pipe up again? The usual suspects in Fake News. They get a real-life Nazi they can use to cast shade on Trump and on American nationalism.

Honestly, has anyone outside of Fake News and Antifa taken the RINO bait? I had never even heard of the guy until his supporters made sure they were caught on camera throwing up Nazi salutes on the fringes of the Presidential inauguration.


And now Comrade Richard appears to have drifted so far into his role as the most hated man in America that he thinks he is ready to make his Long March towards, uh,something something wheat fields.

Overjoyed, Antifa, who were getting a bad rap lately for inciting death towards half of the nation, and can go from a group who likes to shoot up Churches to fighting cosplay Nazis again.


Not quite so happy, the police, who have to figure out how to stop innocent people who are inevitably going to get caught up in the melees from getting hurt. The last time Spencer had a big day one of his fanboys decided to run into a crowd of protesters and killed somebody, and there are plenty of idiots on both sides of the Far-Left Far-Right divide that are egging one another on to violence and mayhem.


So what is Operation Homeland, and how long will it be until one of your kids is telling you they love their American Fuhrer more than Jesus?

Who even cares, just kettle these Nazi fags and the Antifags and tear gas the lot of them already. You could probably fit them all in a shipping container. Send them to Russia? With love, of course.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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