ABC lied: Fake News crashes Wall Street with BS about Trump and Flynn, admits it was a hoax

By John Miller

Sunday the 3rd of December, 2017


When the Mueller fishing expedition that has run concurrently with the Trump administration leaked its latest nothing burger to the vermin who work the Fake News beats late last week, it set off a frenzy of headlines about Trump based on a lie fabricated by ABC  – no, not the shit-tier Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who just ran with it like the rest of the Fake News echo chambers, the important one, in America.


In the Fallout BILLIONS were wiped off the Stock Market, and everyone’s retirement savings cut down, for what quickly emerged to be nothing but a complete pile of BS cobbled together by Clinton fanboys.

Whatever headline the partisan schemers at Muellerworld and their friends in Fake News were hoping for, it probably wasn’t My Bad, Obama cleared Flynn to speak with Russia or We made it up: Sorry about your 401K.


Retractions from ABC were forthcoming as it emerged that the tenuous connection they made between Trump, Flynn, and Russia had ACTUALLY involved Obama, Flynn, and Russia. Chief Political Correspondent Brian Ross gets four weeks without pay. Meh, he’ll get an envelope from Hillary. But what about YOUR superannuation and shares?

Meanwhile over in Muellerworld they were just forced to fire one of their team who was caught informing against the President in a string of embarrassing texts, even for what has ALWAYS been a shameless get-Trump partisan oppo run entirely by ex-Obama DOJ hacks and Friends of the Clintons.


After a slew of disgraceful gotcha headlines from shameless Aussie media, our lazy hack jouranalists who do nothing but drink wine and molest each other all day, no mea culpas at all. These idiots still think Drumpf is going to prison. I guess they’ll catch up with the news on Monday, or Tueday, or whenever they start doing their job again. Probably never.

And in the bowels of the Internet the wheels of the Blue-state conspiracy machine continue to churn at full pace, with the SAD loser mods of r/[redacted] banning any Redditor who dares post the ABC retraction, while there are still any number of threads up containing the David Brock talking points. We did it, Shareblue.


Meanwhile the President has come out and slated Michael Flynn for the first time after the 33-year US Army veteran and former Director of Intelligence at US Army Central Command came out and admitted he lied to the FBI about contacts with Russia – contacts that OBAMA, not Trump, knew about, and contacts that the OBAMA administration cleared him for. Obama for prison, anybody?

But this all just a set-up. Nobody actually believes that General Flynn was ACTUALLY a Russian spy. He’s just going under the bus so that these liars can put Trump and Russia in the same Fake News headline.


The fact that Flynn was unmasked by his predecessor Susan Rice, set up by the Obama administration and wire-tapped as part of an operation by an outgoing administration against a Presidential candidate nobody expected to win, but who then became President, doesn’t seem to bother anybody in the media in the slightest. In any fully functioning Democracy this would be the Mother of all Scandals, a complete subversion of the Republic and everything that it stands for.

No wonder they are desperately clinging to their narrative long after that horse has been flogged to death, but we know by now what the REAL headline is  – We’ve been wiretapping Trump since the Primaries and had a Special Investigator in place since Inauguration and we’ve STILL GOT NOTHING on this guy.


No word yet on when Robert Mueller is going to prison for taking Uranium samples to Moscow in 2009, or Clinton for taking bribes through her slush fund from the Russians for the Uranium One act of treason, two FACTUAL and DOCUMENTED crimes.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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