ACCC spits in farmers’ faces again: thanks Barnaby Joyce, you DO-NOTHING sack of manure

By John Miller

Friday the 1st of December, 2017


The ACCC, which seems to exists only to give cover for Cartels and Monopolies, and which won’t be happy until every small business owner and Aussie farmer has been bankrupted, yesterday went on its merry way, saying that Dairy farmers were essentially screwed but there was nothing they could be bothered to do about it.


Despite being funded by the Australia taxpayer, and being empowered by parliament to bust up the cartels that are bleeding our farmers dry, and the Nationals having enough seats in the Parliament to make it stop acting like a subsidiary branch of Coles, don’t expect relief any time soon if you are in the Bush.

Remember back in May, when Barnaby was running around like a cheerleader for Coles, and claiming that any minute now Aussie dairy farmers could expect to get off the bread-line again? Well it turns out that was all BS.



Now I’m inclined to like Barnaby. He started out with the best of intentions, seems to be as disgusted by poofters as I am, and calls out celebrities when they talk crap about our national holiday.

But what the bloody hell does he ACTUALLY do all day? The Bush is being RAPED by Coles and Woolies, and the ACCC at least ought to be giving them a whack, not just writing reports about how dreadful things are.

What is the bloody point of all these reports? If the regulator refuses to do its job, then SACK EVERY LAST ONE OF THOSE USELESS BUREAUCRATS, and replace them with people who will.

Has Barnaby spent so long sitting next to Chrissy Pine that he forgot how to roll up his sleeves and act like a man? Does he think all these broke farmers can just become trolly wallys after Coles drives them off the land? What is Barnaby even doing all day while Pine and Turnbull share gay porn on the Twitter?


The problem with Barnaby is he has clearly given up, thrown up his hands, and accepted that he may as well just have a dip in the pork barrel while the Bush burns. Well that might be good enough for a local member, but it isn’t bloody good enough for the leader of the Nationals.

It’s time the Nats grew a spine, and if that’s too big of a job for Barnaby then maybe its time for New England and Tamworth to take a look at that long list of 17 candidates and find somebody who isn’t a Socialist, and has the balls to grab the ACCC by the throat.

And it’s not just the Cockys whose livelihood is on the line. Malcolm bloody Turnbull and his poofter Merchant banker friends have Amazon waiting in the wings, and the ACCC have already given them the green light to kill Australian small business in 2018.


And don’t even get me started on the bloody Red Chinese and the Banks. Every man and his dog knows Beijing runs this parliament, and none of these wastes of skin have the guts to stop the Reds from buying up all our best farmland.

At least that one bloke is taking on the banks, but where is Barnaby on all this? Isn’t he supposed to be some kind of leader?

The National party is a failing pile of garbage, and that kind of rot starts at the top. They’ve already stood back while our Churches were handed over to the glitter-and-dildos crowd for Satanic marriages, they don’t give a stuff that farmers are going to wall, and in the New Year anyone who has a local business can expect to go bankrupt because here comes that Amazon.


Oh well, at least the Chinese Commies should do well, selling us all their garbage on Amazon, and then buying up all our land with the money we sent them.

The New England bye-election is tomorrow, and I’ve got no idea if any of the candidates are worth voting for.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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