Virtue grovelling: Trudeau cries for Homo overlords as Canadian PM invents new forms of faggotry

By John Miller

Thursday the 30th of November, 2017


Welp Justin Trudeau just wasted his time and a few million dollars on a crying ceremony to mark the National Day of Cis-Shaming in Canada, and it was hilarious.


The dope smoking faggots that voted for him are still mad though, and they will never be truly happy, because when you’re a Godless nihilist piece of crap that’s just how life plays out.

First Justin came for the lesbians. Yeah, there’s an oppressed group. Literally not even God Himself cares if two chicks want to lez out and wear lumberjack shirts, and when Moses was writing the Holy Bible and telling us to kill men that lay with one another he never even bothered to talk about grrrls with short hair and lemon face.

Nobody cared then, and nobody cares now, unless you run around being an obnoxious nuct about it.


Then Justin came for the poofters. Sorry losers, God hates you and you’re going to burn in Hell forever. No matter what the transsexual lesbian diversity eskimos that run the paedophile rings in the Divinity Schools have to say about the matter, none of them outrank Moses.

At some point your faggotry goes into the scales against Holy Scripture, and you lose. Not that most of us weren’t willing to just let and let live, but now you want our Churches for your Satanic marriages, you need to just go to Hell already.

Then Justine came for the bisexuals. You guys are just gross, but pretty much sum up the gay lifestyle for me. Stop making AIDs a crossover disease, you filthy heathens. Just go be gay in your dirty sewers and leave us the Hell alone.



Apparently, people acting normal is oppressive to these filthy hedonist vermin. Truly they are the greatest victims of all. A well-deserved apology from the Prime Minister of Canada. Pay them some compensation though, for the love of God. Haven’t all these sluts and deviants suffered enough?

Of course he then had to make ritual abasement to the mentally ill body mutilators who are literally at the cutting edge of Satanic torture and flesh fetish abomination. The Baal cult of Transsexualism needs a high priest like Trudeau to offer up children as blood sacrifices.


For me this was the only unfunny part of the entire ridiculous ceremony, and reminded me that we are actually locked in a life and death struggle with the Dark powers of Hell.

Then the mood lightened again, as Justin came for the Queer. It was all kinds of ambiguous. Didn’t you already cover this when you begged the gays for forgiveness, m9?

What is the difference between a poof and a queer, anyway? Look, I’m not even hating, I just want to know what I’m supposed to be sorry for feeling disgusted by.


And then we came to some next level grovelling, when Cuck Trudeau apologised for all of the pain and suffering endured by the Two – Spirited. Um, alright. More than happy to start oppressing them…but what in the name of Mary and Joseph are you even talking about man???

Come on, this is just a joke category that someone made up for the gibs, right?

Hell I can’t even follow the 1 D North Korean Mah Jong levels of super-faggotry that Justin Trudeau is on right now.


He is literally apologising for forms of oppression that are so edgy they don’t even exist yet.

Wew lad. Slow down there Trudeau, you’re making Sweden feel bad for not being progressive enough.

Trudeau fag

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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