The Devil built my Hotrod: driverless cars set to kill people you know playing Pokemon Go

By John Miller

Thursday the 30th of November, 2017


No sooner are we told that our children are causing an epidemic of motor vehicle accidents while walking around like zombies staring at their smart phones playing Pokemon Go, than we find out the same sick Satanic globalist deviants who addicted them on this Phone App Crack Cocaine are engineering their deaths – literally.


No longer will there be a little old lady behind the wheel to stand over the twitching body of that careless child who stepped out into traffic after a legendary, uh, Pikechumon guy…look it’s not really important whether you or I can tell a Bulbasaur from an Autobot, the headline is that ROBOT CARS OF DEATH ARE HERE.

That’s right, citizens, the very same automated vehicles of death that were a step too far for the progress loving faggots of San Fran Cisco are about to start running down the children of Perth, Australia. Literally WTF – that’s where I live.

So what happens next, when some young Pokemon Go idiot decides to risk his or her life chasing Pikosaur and ends up under the chassis of a passing car – something that happened 100,000 TIMES last year and which economists have estimated at a cost of $10 BILLION DOLLARS – and then Mister Robot just keeps on driving?


How many kids have to BLEED OUT IN THE STREETS before the RAC abandons this devilry and witchcraft? Are there any limits to this Dystopia I live in?

Accidents and cars have gone hand in since the Age of Steam, when an Irish woman – an accomplished scientist no less – fell out of her cousin’s steam powered car in 1869 and somehow managed to go under it and get crushed to death.


No matter what you do some child or woman will eventually find a way cause some damage to your car – this is unavoidable. Driving is nevertheless a great human privilege and joy. And now these bastard globalists are even taking this away from us, so that we can be replaced by robots.

These automated scabs are already on OUR STREETS, and running down OUR CHILDREN. Suffer not the little children to die alone and afraid, crushed and mangled, and with not a single human in sight to care.1400707066_kid_almost_hit_b

Resist the Satanic robot, men of God in Perth. The future of humanity, and the safety and welfare of our bespectacled nerd children, and of children everywhere, rests in our hands.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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