Malcolm confirmed Antichrist: Satanic Marriage one day, now it’s sex change on demand for LITTLE KIDS

By John Miller

Thursday the 30th of November, 2017


Welcome to Hell Australia, or as Malcolm Turnbull the Antichrist likes to call it, home sweet home. Gulag for priests who refuse to deny Christ and turn their Church over to Satan. Why not? Love is love.


Now sexualise those kids up for Malcolm and his filthy pervert Freemason buddies. As of today, the disgusting goat riding paedophiles who infest the Family Court won’t even need to give you the nod. If you’re some drug addled devil worshipping freak who wants to pour sex change drugs into a child of ANY AGE, then IT’S PERFECTLY LEGAL and nobody can stop you.

Did we lose a war or something? When did this country go bat-shit insane?


I blame Malcolm Turnbull, the ABC, and Single Mothers. The ABC has been whoring after the destruction of this nation for as long as I can remember, and for lazy single mothers on welfare with no impulse control and ten screaming brats they bribe with sugar to love them, the ABC has become a surrogate Husband that will never leave them.

And now these Commie degenerates at the ABC and the idiot women they duped have raised the worst generation in the history of the nation.

How do even destroy a nation in the space of a year, though?

That requires a special kind of next-level abomination: these people are evil. They are sick and depraved.


If there is still a single Christian left in the Liberal or National party, HANG YOURSELF.

We have reached the point now where we need to start thinking about Malcolm Turnbull as an existential threat to our Australian way of life.

He wants your kids to be able to tell YOU to GET STUFFED, so HE can GET THEM HOOKED on SEX CHANGE DRUGS.


I want to have my own bank account, mommy – Not until you’re 18.

I want to watch an adult movie, mommy –  Not until you’re 18.

I want to drive a car, mommy – Not until you’re 18.

I want to go to the pub and get drunk, mommy – Not until you’re 18.

I want to hang out in nightclubs like you, mommy – Not until you’re 18.

I WANT TO TAKE SEX CHANGE DRUGS AND BECOME A FREAK, MOMMY – Of course child, that is only natural.


Now let’s all gather round and mutilate our bodies while we worship Satan like our Dark Antichrist Master Malcolm Turnbull demands.

Nobody has any real rights in this country any more, it’s all pay to play.

Big Pharma can do what it likes to your kids, the Big Banks get away with murder, and Big China owns the whole bloody parliament.


Do as much damage to this country as you can, you sick freak Turnbull. This government can’t sink any lower, and you are going to get decimated the next time you go to the polls anyway.

You may as well just take the whole nation down with you. Welcome to the slippery slope, Australia. You voted for it. Now enjoy the descent into Hell.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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