Britain Last: Dhimmi cucks and Haji fanboys outraged as President Trump stands up for Christians

By John Miller

Thursday the 30th of November, 2017


President Trump continues to be utterly unstumpable and equally unpredictable, keeping the many enemies of Freedom in a constant state of fear and trepidation, as they await their eventual check-mate at the hands of 66D Korean Starcraft Grand Master Donald.


One minute you think are safe, sitting around in your secure rape room at NBC with your privacy button and your $25 MIL per year raping interns as long as you keep tipping buckets on GEOTUS, and then BOOM – the unemployment line.


These villains barley have time to sit around gloating about all the times they bashed a young woman’s skull in while they were a Congressman, when the next thing they know Trump is right there, like the Batman, living rent free in their head as they MELT DOWN live on television and start to delet their Social media.


The next group of young women that the real-life superhero from Gotham City has come to avenge: the young women and girls of Great Britain, who have been served up to Haji rape gangs for the last two or three generations.

In Britain today a Christian child is groomed and raped by a Mohomedan paedophile rape gang more frequently than the trains run. Every hour another Briton is drugged and abused by these sick deviants, and with the full knowledge and approval of the British parliament, which itself is full of sexual predators.


This is the Homosexual Tory Paki – Queer Communist Labour Axis of Evil that rules Britain today, a vile legion of perverts that has installed itself in every position of power.

Be a child in Britain – get raped.

Go to school – get raped.

Go home – get raped.

Go to the police – get lectured on diversity & tolerance.

Go out to buy milk – get raped and mugged.

Put the cat out for the night – cat gets raped.

Post about it on Facebook – get arrested.


These Good-think diversity Heathens and devil worshipping Antichrist scum of tolerance have got Britain exactly where they want it. It’s where Australia is heading, and where America was heading too, before Jesus intervened and sent us GEOTUS, the only world leader who is CHRISTIAN AND UNASHAMED.

So when President Trump posts a video to his Twitter to tell the Jihadis to stop profaning our Christian Holy places, and telling the Brits they ought to put Britain First and Islam last, it was entirely predictable that these faggot Dhimmi cucks were going to LOSE THEIR MINDS.

H-h-h-how dare he tell that Arab cosplay man to stop smashing that image of the virgin Mary.


The Mother of God has no place in Britain today, where it is wall to wall downward facing dog five times a day, diversity murders, acid of tolerance in your face, lorries of peace, and stabbings on the high street.

Unless the next two words out of your mouth are alllahu akbar followed by an explosion, I don’t want to hear it cis Christian scum, know your place. Now everybody repeat after me: Part. And. Parcel.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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