The Craic: celebrity Conor McGregor SMASHES the Irish mob and their Da, refuses to pay standover men

By John Miller

Wednesday the 29th of November, 2017


Jesus and Mary boyo, what’s going on Ireland? The whole country is run by a homosexual Paki nurse, nobody gives a fook about their morals or the Church, and now some two-bit gangsters are trying to shake down Conor fooking McGregor for fooks sake. Oh, and sorry for swearing.


Not sorry, a local celebrity, who recently SMASHED a local thug down at the pub, in between pints and all. Good bit of craic, that.

Less fortunate, some other Gangster’s Da, who the first guy hid behind so that the unfortunate OAP copped a whack to the head. Now I won’t stand here before God and condone hitting somebody’s dad like, but, uh, doesn’t the 900,000 Euro that the Irish mob are now demanding THE CELEBRITY pay up for whacking the unfortunate old geezer seem a little steep?


So what happens next? And what is the Irish mob? And how come the gay nurse that runs Ireland these days for Berlin hasn’t sorted all this out yet?

None of yer business, it doesn’t exist (ROIGHT? R-right), and God knows.

According to Dana White nothing happened at all. Nobody has yet come forward to tell the Garda anything.


Gang war continues to roll on those Dublin streets anyway, as Christy Kinahan and Gerry Hutch continue their gentleman’s disputes over turf, and some might say drugs, but not me.

Crime in Ireland has always been divided between terrorist/freedom foighters and the ODCs, or Ordinary Decent Criminals.

The Provos and the INLA, the Continuity, and the Real IRA  on the one hand set against  and the Loyalist gangs such as the UVF claim a greater purpose when committing murder, robbing banks and kneecapping.


Not so your ODCs. Fook that, like. We’re in it for THA MONEY.

The big daddy of the ODCs was Martin Cahill, AKA The General.

image (1)

The General was behind many famous crimes in modern Irish history, including the theft of priceless works of art from Russborough House in the 80s.

“Mountjoy prison was my university, they taught me everything I know,” he famously told reporters once.

Cahill was shot dead in Dublin in 1994.

The General was reportedly killed by the Provisional IRA because he sold the paintings to the UVF, who fenced them in South Africa to pay for weapons which they then used on the Provos. But nobody can prove this and I’m just talking shit, like.


Fearless crime reporter Veronica Guerin wrote numerous scoops about the Dublin underworld and the rise of drugs gangs for the Sunday Independent, until in 1996 she was shot dead by a passenger on a motorbike. Her assassination shocked Ireland and the Garda into pretending to take action against the ODC gangsters, who nevertheless continued to run amok.


Eventually it all got pinned on alleged mastermind John “The Warehouseman” Gilligan, but he was acquitted of ordering her murder. He was later jailed for 17 years for overseeing a massive drug smuggling ring from an equestrian centre near Dublin.

Cahill’s squad seemed to fade after the Provos got him, but one of his lads, Seamus “Shavo” Hogan, stepped up to become Dublin’s top drug dealer.


Until the Ra gunned Shavo down in 2001, or so other people say, but me I don’t know noothin’.


Next to shine was Cahill gang member John “The Colonel” Cunningham, who had been jailed for 17 years for his part in the 1986 abduction of socialite Jennifer Guinness, she of the famous brewing clan.

Cunningham, now an elderly gentleman, is said to remain a major player in the Irish gangland scene, and the right-hand man of Dapper Don Christy. He was one of a number of people arrested by Spanish authorities in 2010 as part of Operation Shovel, which targeted the Kinahan gang.


But he didn’t do nothing, and the Spanish had to let him go.

Drugs, especially heroin, flooded the streets of Dublin in the 80s and 90s. One of the biggest dealers was Tony Felloni, known as “King Scum”, who used his own kids as couriers and drug testers. He was released from Dublin’s Mountjoy jail in 2011, after serving 14 years.

2901_Tony Felloni_H

The Warehouseman meanwhile was shot and injured at his brother’s home in the suburb of Clondalkin in 2014, after being released from prison. Nobody put their hand up for that one.


Another key figure in the Irish ODC underworld is George Mitchell, AKA The Penguin. A hard lad from Ballyfermot, Mitchell started out an armed robber in the 80s before getting into drugs, or so it has been alleged once or twice.

The Penguin was suspected of ordering hitman Mickey Boyle to shoot British gangster Tony Brindle in a London pub in 1995, but police marksmen ambushed Boyle instead.

Mitchell was based in Amsterdam by 2000, and gained notoriety when his daughter’s boyfriend was murdered by a rival Czech gang. He is now based in Morocco, and is a friend and an alleged close associate of reputed ODC Irish mob boss Christy Kinahan.


Teflon Irish Don Christy Kinahan meanwhile, who operates out of Spain, and his arch-enemy Gerry Hutch, known as The Monk, are thought to have embroiled Ireland’s national treasure in their long simmering feud.

The Monk is a reformed armed robber said to be worth 4 million or so, and he famously once paid a couple of million in tax to stay out of jail. These days he is an anti-drugs campaigner, in the sense that he would like to replace Kinahan’s drugs with his own, or so it has been bantered.

The Monk’s nephew was shot dead in Miraflores, Spain, allegedly after a falling-out with the Kinahan clan, who have a boxing gym in Marbella and a strong presence on the Costa.

The beef hit next level when Daniel Kinahan, heir apparent to his Da Christy, narrowly avoided being gunned down by three fake policemen with Kalashnikovs, not to mention two other gunmen, one dressed as a woman.


Dan Kinahan is said to have jumped through a window to escape.

The Monk’s brother Derek, known as Del Boy, was then beaten up in prison.

The Monk himself reportedly narrowly escaped being gunned down in a bar in Lanzarote on New Year’s Eve before last, and has also lost his other brother Eddie Hutch Snr.

The Kinahan Costa Cartel is reputed to be the biggest drug cartel in Europe, with strong alliances to the Dutch cartels, certain gentlemen in Africa, and the Sinaloa Cartel headed up by Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.


Welp, 900 Grand probably IS cheaper than a celebrity funeral, mind.

They recently dropped 120 MIL when Daniel’s mate was pinched on the Costa with all that Coke too, so they probably need the coin right now and aren’t up for a negotiation.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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