Italian deviant let loose by idiot Judge commits same crime, Romanian girl freed from dungeon 10 years later

By John Miller

Wednesday the 29th of November, 2017


Italian perverts are at it again in the increasingly Godless and lawless European Union. Their latest abomination, one creep who kept a Romanian girl in his basement for ten years. During her time in Italian Hell, which began when George Bush junior was still President, the captive had two children by her insanely evil degenerate tormentor.

And it wasn’t the first time he had imprisoned and raped a woman either. Thanks to the idiot judges of Italy – the same bunch of clowns who recently made masturbation in public legal apparently don’t know what recidivism is either.


And didn’t this same crime just happen somewhere else in the EU?

Yes it did. And as society continues to go to Hell in a handbasket, we can expect the Fritzl crime of keeping women in dungeons for a decade of rape to keep on trending.

Aloisio Giordano, 52, was arrested last weekend for keeping his 29-year-old former housekeeper under his shed, in Gizzeria, Italy, a small commune near the town of Lamezia Terme in the Calabria region.

Recruited as a 19-year-old carer, the Romanian woman was then forced to endure her own personal Hell at the hands of sex monster Giordano, who had been jailed in 1995 for the kidnap, rape and torture of another woman. Wait, WHAT?

Imagine that. This pervert got to commit the EXACT SAME CRIME, because some do-gooder politicians and a degenerate Judge worked hand-and-hand to feed him this innocent girl.


Depraved monster Giordano ought to have received the DEATH PENALTY in 1995, according to the Laws of God.

Meanwhile the European Union continues merrily in its Bolshevik Antichrist way, just recently celebrating European Day against the Death Penalty last October 10th.

Well isn’t that grand – I guess that’s the day when the Europeans give the women they keep locked up in their basements a cake after they give them their DAILY RAPE.

And if Giordano took his victim out sightseeing after cake, they could have toured the local sites, including the Roman Baths at Sambiase, and the dungeon at the Castle of Nicastro where Henry VII King of Sicily was imprisoned after he was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX and revolted against his father the Holy Roman Emperor.

Life was not much more pleasant for Henry than the poor Romanian lass, but only because the former King of Sicily contracted leprosy, and not because his brother Conrad or the local Normans RAPED HIM EVERY DAY.


The Normans were of course notorious for NOT raping lepers, but Henry was also surrounded by Italians, so we can’t be certain of his fate.

Sick bastard Giordano was only sentenced to FIVE YEARS for imprisoning and raping his first victim, but the courts still let him out of prison early for GOOD BEHAVIOUR in 1999. Um, wut?


Giordano then returned home to “””look after””” his first terminally ill basement wife, and the two rape babies he had foisted on HER. T-thanks European Court of Justice.

Unable to cope without somebody to rape after his first victim died, the European Antichrist state then sent him a young Romanian teenager, who he was left free to IMPRISON UNDERNEATH HIS RAPE SHED FOR 10 YEARS.

This macabre but oddly modern European family was kept together by the indifference of the European Courts, and by a metal bar, which the girl that the EU threw to the wolves was constantly chained to for a decade.

The victim was denied water and electricity, and repeatedly raped and tortured. During her ordeal she fell pregnant twice, giving birth to her kidnapper’s son, now aged nine, and daughter, now three.

Both children were forced to watch this demon unleash Hell upon their mother, who was discovered covered with scars and with fresh wounds too, in a squalid rat-infested basement.


She was finally freed when police pulled over Giordano for a routine traffic stop due to his car’s poor condition. The malnourished and filthy boy was asleep on the back seat, and officers grew suspicious, and demanded to see the child’s mother.

The unnamed woman has now been taken to a secret location with her two children.

Surely this is worthy of a death penalty, non?


Not in the European Union! He’ll be back out and raping again before his 60th birthday, I guarantee it.

Thanks Italy, and thanks EU, for making me throw up.

The next time local youths try tearing down Brussels I’ll have to think twice about whether to be rooting for them to go all the way.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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