The Archbishop of Canterbury is a Christ-hating Bolshevik Atheist homo, what else is new

By John Miller

Tuesday the 28th of November, 2017


The best part about being an Aussie, after the endless sunshine, the casual dress code, the endless prosperity, the general attractiveness of our people, the complete lack of anxiety outside of the hand wringing classes, and the beer, may very well be the ambiguous nature of our Anglo-Celtic heritage. This allows for much fun and LARPing.

Unfortunately though, our Anglican Churches have been completely over-run by poofters. DROPPED.



Nobody cares about the Anglican Church any more. Everybody who still believes in God and the Bible has had to move out, so the diversity queers have their safe space. And it all began with nobody caring about their heritage, which has now been hijacked by deviant scum and filthy degenerate heathens.

Any wog can tell you with precision exactly what village in the Mediterranean their Nonna came from, but most Aussies until the most recent deluge of multi-culti neither cared nor thought much about their history, unless it was Saint Patricks Day.


Even my own mother, God bless her, who probably doesn’t have a drop of Irish in her, listens to Celtic music all the time, and is convinced she is a Fenian. Such LARPing is not uncommon. Ned Kelly was indeed a great man, and her mother was an English Catholic, so I guess she was always going to turn out a little Guy Fawkesish. Women are prone to such fits of fancy.

I have always admired the Puritans myself, and like most Aussies whose families have been here longer than a century both sides of the family are predominantly either High Anglican or Presbyterian. This meant something once, but not anymore. Today’s Anglican Churches are just hangout joints for gays to meet other sodomites and worship Satan together.


If you want good fellowship in Australia there are plenty of evangelical mega-Churches partaking in the national revival, but sometimes you just feel like a little bit of decorum and tradition. Some quiet reflection upon God and the Kingdom of Heaven to come.

There are still plenty of good trad Catholic dioceses in Australia, and I don’t feel bad about attending Mass even though I got my infant baptism as a Protestant. It is the same Communion, and I don’t really care about quisling issues like Papal authority.

The C of E is not even good for a trad Christmas or Easter sermon any more, unless you want some lesbian to lecture you on diversity and tolerance. No wonder the Archbishop of Canterbury has started acting like a Borgia pope.


The Oxford and Cambridge divinity school homos own the Anglican Church now. They don’t believe in God, they don’t like Christianity or the Bible, and every other word out of their mouth is blasphemy.

Julian Welby is just the latest crypto-Atheist sodomite cuck to flounce around in a bishop’s robes and embarrass the flock. He recently decided to play good boy for the heathen media and denounce the first President to stand up for Jesus that I can recall since I was a wee lad and Ronald Reagan was putting the Moral Majority together in the 1980s.

The Godless Socialist vermin who infest the Fourth Estate were quick to take this as a ringing endorsement by the Godless Socialist vermin of the First.


Julian is a perfect Dawkins Christian: the diversity Atheism he is peddling would have seen him run out of town by the Puritans, and rightly so.

That England’s top religious authority, the archbishop of Canterbury, should be a mouthy crypto-Saracen Atheist Bolshevik is nothing new.

These Satanic meddlers have been infesting the divinity schools for decades now. They hate Trump, they hate Jesus, and they hate Christians. There is a complete circle of Hell reserved for them, and the sooner they go there the better.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

3 thoughts on “The Archbishop of Canterbury is a Christ-hating Bolshevik Atheist homo, what else is new

    1. The C of E needs a Puritan revival mate. Most of these guys are just doing Christian cosplay and don’t even believe in Christ. Their Bible is the Guardian, and they ought to go be progressive cucks somewhere else and stop vandalising the Church.

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