Cali paedo ring exposed: Latino kids trafficked for sex, Steyer and Podesta laugh about the Walnuts

By John Miller

Tuesday the 28th of November, 2017


There are dark forces at work in the State of California, where a predatory elite has fooled a once God-fearing constituency into abandoning its morals and standards with a slew of false promises. The good folk of California have been used and abused by evil and depraved monsters, for profit, for depraved lusts, and for a naked grab at power in the California Republic.

What was behind the destruction of parental rights in Cali? Why does the state insist it owns your child? Where do they get their never end supply of money from? And why are all these people hell bent on destroying the family unit?

James P. Steyer and Common Sense Media have taken it upon themselves to decide YOUR kids ought to be subjected to vile Left-wing propaganda, so lets start with that  den of filth.


Common Sense Media has developed “””developmental criteria””” for thousands of movies, TV shows, songs and music videos, video games, apps, web sites and books. They have a twisted sense of educational value, and exist ONLY so as to ensure NO product they are associated with is free of some taint of lewdness and perversion.

What chance do Californian children even have, when degenerates such as Steyer exist to prey upon them?

Common Sense Media is a truly subversive organisation of devil worshipping Socialist maniacs, who are engaged in the wanton destruction of the innocence of American children.



They corrupt the young and endanger souls, and are fully engaged in the perversion of the youth of as SATANIC MISSIONARIES FOR THE BODY MUTILATING CULT OF TRANSSEXUALISM.

Gender messaging is their witchcraft. Such deviants deserve a swift and fiery inquisition.

They hold up as role models only the disease blown and the sexually promiscuous, indeed it is their core mission to sexualise little children, to sate their un-Godly lusts.

And who are helping these purveyors of filth to subvert the youth? Here is short list of criminals:

Road Runner – paedo enabling filth

TiVo – paedo enabling filth

Yahoo! – paedo enabling filth

Comcast– paedo enabling filth

Time Warner Cable  – paedo enabling filth

DIRECTV – paedo enabling filth

Disney– paedo enabling filth

NBC Universal – paedo enabling filth

Netflix – paedo enabling filth

Best Buy – paedo enabling filth

Google – paedo enabling filth

AOL/Huffington Post – paedo enabling filth

Fandango – paedo enabling filth

Trend Micro – paedo enabling filth

Verizon Foundation – paedo enabling filth

Nickelodeon– paedo enabling filth

Bing – paedo enabling filth

Cox Communications – paedo enabling filth

Kaleidescape – paedo enabling filth

AT&T – paedo enabling filth

NCM – paedo enabling filth

Remember these paedo enabling filth, and if you see anything of theirs in your house, burn it. Each of these organisations has outsourced their corporate morality to the Devil.


Most recently Common Sense Media teamed up State Senator Richard Pan to steal the few remaining parental rights left in the state of California. And the reasons why shall be as clear as day to you by the time you finish this article, gentle Christian reader.

California is presently in the grip of a Satanic child trafficking network, and all these birds of a feather are flying together – flying off with YOUR CHILD.


The don’t-ask don’t-tell AIDs state has become like a scene out of Hell, thanks to Governor Moonbeam.

Just this month in Compton the latest child trafficking sting rescued girls as young as THIRTEEN from sex slavery, and the FBI during Operation Cross Country XI in October just gone saved 84 kids. So many kids NOW need rescuing there that it has become clear that child sex trafficking has become an industrial operation in California.

Cali has become the Devil’s state. It feeds America with stolen children for sex.


The FBI and law enforcement continue to do the Lord’s work, and you ought to shake the hand of every cop you meet.

Less salubrious, NFL players, who rape more girls than they rescue, and who ought to spend more time on both knees and pray for forgiveness.

Also overpaid and overvalued by society, California Democrats, who have established a conveyor belt of children, most notably the vulnerable Latino children that they pretend to care about.

They are delivering them up in what the sick Satanic paedos of the Clinton Cartel call the WALNUT trade. Take a look at the emails between Steyer and Paedosta for yourself on Wikileaks.


And don’t think it’s just lowly Jim Steyer. Mongrel cur Tom Steyer is up to his neck in Walnut sauce, swapping recipes with his creepy Spirit Cooker buddy John Paedosta, and sick Tony.

“We at the FBI have no greater mission than to protect our nation’s children from harm,” the FBI said after Cross Country XI.

God bless and amen, brother. Now lock these SICK PERVS up.

In Cali last July thirteen girls were rescued, FIVE OF WHOM HADN’T EVEN HIT PUBERTY YET.


All of them were being sold for commercial sex, and the only reason they were freed was the chance discovery in a West Hollywood apartment last January of a missing teenager, thanks to the dogged determination of some persistent local sheriffs who refused to give up on her case.

The tales of many other girls she told detectives about lead to the discovery of an extensive child sex trafficking network that extended from Cali into Nevada, on which the hammer fell in July.

During the course of the investigation, detectives discovered that the ring used apartments as brothels in dozens of communities, including Burbank, West Hollywood, and Las Vegas.

Nine of the girls were born and raised in America, the rest were brought into the country by the usual Clinton Cartel paedo-sex trafficker scum.


Paedo-art collector Tony Podesta and his fellow Luciferians like you to think that it is just their “””art”””, all of these abused children, and the corpses in the victim poses that Devil worshipper and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer liked to photograph his victims in.

When Laura Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti, it wasn’t for the sake of art. Silsby had her sentence and charges reduced by a personal intervention by Bill Clinton himself.

Silsby’s lawyer Jorge Puello was RUNNING AN INTERNATIONAL SMUGGLING RING, that trafficked in girls from Central America and Haiti.

This isn’t Fake News, like you see on CNN. These are facts.

The Steyers, the Paedostas, and the Clintons have been making Walnut sauce together for their creepy Spirit Cooking parties for a long time now.


Didn’t read about this in the Fake News New York Times? Why would Carlos Slim want this to get out? He wrote a big fat cheque to Bill and Hillary Clinton to help out in the Rape of Haiti, and went to join the party.

Emails from The New Life Children’s Refuge, which Director Silsby was using to traffick in stolen children, can be found in Wikileaks’ Hillary Clinton Email Archive, where Silsby and Clinton discuss their “””Ministry””” of Satanic works.


Cool, so as it turns out the Clinton Foundation wasn’t just a slush fund to help Hillary sell uranium to Vladimir Putin and extract hundreds of millions in dollars in Russian bribes to rig the DNC and steal the election with dirty dossiers from Fusion GPS, it was also DIRECTLY FINANCING CHILD TRAFFICKING.

Can somebody tell me why this evil woman and all her friends aren’t in jail yet?

On January 29, 2010, Silsby was arrested with nine other American nationals attempting to steal 33 children from the country for her “””orphanage””” WHICH NEVER EXISTED. Some of her victims were not even orphans. THEY HAD FAMILIES ffs.

Amazingly, this was not even the first time Silsby had attempted to traffic children out of Haiti for her masters.


Haitian police had already acted on a tip and intercepted Silsby in an earlier, separate attempt to remove 40 children out of the country. She was turned back at the Haitian border, but after a SOS CLINTON  INTERVENTION, NO kidnapping charges.

There is nothing about that sequence of events that shouldn’t immediately result in Hillary Clinton going to prison. Wake the heck up, Jeff.

Bill Clinton was appointed Special Envoy to Haiti for the United Nations, another notorious hive of scum and villainy, and his FIRST AND ONLY act was put to out the fire of the child abduction scandal.

By February 7th, 2010, Bill Clinton had struck a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby, who instead of being shot for her part in the conspiracy to twice abduct Haitian children, was given a six-month sentence. Sweet Jesus these people are CORRUPT.


Silsby’s lawyer Puello, whose wife was already imprisoned in El Salvador for the SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF MINORS, was ultimately sentenced to three years in federal prison for SMUGGLING LATINO KIDS into America to get used by Satanic globalists at sex parties.

Good Christ, he’s already back in the WALNUT TRADE. Thanks Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

No journalist in America dared to report these facts, for fear of the presumptive President of the United States.

On November 4th, 2016, the Daily Beast, a failing pile of garbage, decided to smear Wikileaks, for daring to give us the Paedosta-Steyer emails, and uncovering the Clinton-Silsby links to child trafficking.


The clear and UNDENIABLY OBVIOUS LINK of Bill Clinton flying in to Haiti to set free a CHILD SMUGGLING RING were, uh, totally ignored, as were the chain of emails published by Wikileaks which offered proofs of a conspiracy involving Hillary Clinton and which indicate that she ABUSED HER POSITION as head of the State Department.

At least they kept it all in the family, the Daily Beast is a holding of InterActiveCorp, and Chelsea Clinton, also then the Vice President of the Clinton Foundation, and daughter of Hillary Clinton and Webster Hubbell, sits on InterActiveCorp’s Board of Directors.

Since her release from detention in Haiti, Laura Silsby has married and taken the last name Gayler. Gayler is currently employed by software company AlertSense, which works with the Federal Government on Amber Alerts during kidnapping events. You can’t make this shit up.


The Podesta brothers and David Brock and the Alefantis crowd are still crowing about Pizzagate, as if they got away with something, but nobody has forgotten their crimes, and there will be no forgiveness either. They all belong in Hell.

And here again we see that the only profession more depraved than journalist is lawyer – Alefantis’s lawyer Max Maccoby was the DIRECTOR OF THE HAITIAN ORPHANAGE THAT LAURA SILSBY STOLE THE BLOODY KIDS FROM.


According to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, only nine of the kids rescued from commercial sex slavery in that state recently were even born in America. These kids, these children who sick deranged perverts Steyer and Paedosta have disgustingly labelled as WALNUTS, are being brought in as a commodity.

“In California, human trafficking is reported here in our state more than in any other,” said Becerra.

Gee I wonder why that is, state of near anarchy with 200,000 gang bangers? Pete Wilson was right about EVERYTHING.

Right now President Trump is going after these PAEDO CULTS with everything in his law enforcement arsenal.

Meanwhile we find Tom Steyer, Walnut aficionado, the sick pervert BILLIONAIRE throwing his money around like a madman, to get his fix and get the pipeline of Walnut sauce flowing again.


This is a life and death struggle, to save kids RIGHT NOW from sexual predators.

Medical Kidnap and CPS are RIGHT NOW unnecessarily removing children from loving homes in the state of California, and this was all part of the sicko Steyer-Pan plan all along, for turning Cali children into WALNUT SAUCE.

The CPS practice of removing kids from non-offending parents is widespread, and it extends to nearly every poor, immigrant, or minority race mother who is trying to deal with family violence. Go into any Latino community, and you’ll hear first-hand stories of CPS removing children from mothers in their neighbourhoods.

This is the scary reality of Tom Steyer’s California.

Tom Steyer

And make NO MISTAKE: Tom Steyer is the GODFATHER of the CALI WALNUT KIDS.

When Steyer throws around tens of millions of dollars to tell Trump to back off, it ain’t because he’s worried about the children’s future, but it is because he LOVES KIDS.

Look at the Cali CPS reports for yourself, the cold hard facts are these: Human trafficking busts in Cali routinely turned up LARGE QUANTITIES OF VICTIMS WHO ARE ACTUALLY WARDS OF THE STATE.


It’s time to put a stop to the exploitation of children in California, and start with a look at Common Sense Media and its Communist Paedophile agenda.

And it’s time that Clinton Cartel cronies Jim Steyer and his creepy Leftist HEDGEFUND BILLIONAIRE brother Tom Steyer came out and told us exactly how they make the Walnut sauce that they and the Paedostas seem to love oh so much.

Does anybody in Cali even care that Black and Latino children are being openly trafficked by pale devil worshipping Antichrists to satisfy their inhuman lusts?


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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