The US Navy was Pearl Harboured by neglect and nobody even noticed

By John Miller

Sunday the 26th of November, 2017


A 600-Ship Navy was the Reagan Plan for control of the high seas, as that great man set in motion the strategy which allowed the United States Navy to rebuild its fleet after decades of cutbacks. Following the end of the Vietnam War, America had lost its way. Godless Socialism was infesting the minds of American youth, and the nihilist cult of Communism was rampant abroad. Sound familiar?


We all know about the glorious 1980s, and how Ronald Reagan after winning the 1980 presidential election had to go to war with his own party establishment to fix the country. The Reagan era of prosperity and staring down the Soviet Union paid huge dividends. The Godless Commies were defeated, and everybody got richer.

But here we are again after 25 years of Bush dynasties and the Clintons and Obama. The globalists have taken over, and they have sold us out to the Red Chinese. The youth are once again degenerate ignorant louts, and the US Navy has been allowed to atrophy.

It ought to have the best 600 ships on freedom’s waves. Today it stands at 308.

U.S. Navy Commander Caldwell gives U.S. President Obama a tour of the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Ross at Naval Station Rota in Rota, Spain

It seems like every other day that we hear about some new scandal for the Navy, as its vessels crash into merchant shipping and so forth, but if there is one thing that the Navy is still good at it is writing reports, and the most recent one into its combat readiness is damning.

If there were War in the Pacific, and let’s be straight up about this, the next real War is likely to be in the Pacific unless the Red Chinese menace collapses first, the US would eventually win. But even if the next engagement is only with the North Koreans (or in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf against the Iranians), the overtasked and underfunded US Navy is being set up for crippling losses, and it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

George W. Bush


President Trump needs some support in Congress immediately, against the vandals in his own party and across the aisle who are working hand-in-hand with the Red Chinese and the enemies of freedom to undermine and sabotage American greatness.

The Manhattan Institute and the Latino Victory Fund want to hand the oceans over to the Reds, and make them laneways for the Chinese factories that manufacture garbage for Apple for Nike, and they are just a whisker away from getting everything they want.

America needs 12 aircraft carriers again, and it needs 600 ships, before it can even think about calling itself Great Again.


In an era when Red Chinese nukes are aimed at every American city and can strike within 7 minutes, the globe is up for grabs again. America has to defend its turf, and if it relinquishes the high seas to Communism it will regret it.

Right now the US Navy lacks the money, the manpower and the weapons that it needs to succeed, and as the US Navy goes, so goes the nation. If you want to see what a great power that relinquished its control of the waves looks like, go look at Britannia. If you want John to end up like Nigel, just wait another 10 years while the Red Chinese continue to clown you, and see if they are still smiling politely, or simply taking what they want from you.

The Navy’s No. 2 officer, naval operations vice chief Admiral William Moran, has bluntly stated that the Navy is being pushed to its limits, and is a threadbare force with nothing in the cupboard.


MAINTENANCE DELAYS are currently sidelining 11 Navy ships. What HEATHENRY is this? There are nuclear rockets about to be launched from the Korean peninsula. Where are my darn ships?

It gets worse. Inadequate facilities and equipment led to maintenance delays that cost more than 1300 lost operational days for aircraft carriers and 12,500 lost operational days for submarines.

The Fleet is 50% of where it needs to be to protect freedom, and even that RUMP FLEET is being allowed to fall apart. The current maintenance backlog would take 19 YEARS TO CLEAR.

The Navy desperately requires $4.68 BILLION in emergency funds just for maintenance, and it needs a MASSIVE manpower boost. GEOTUS, make it happen!


Then the Navy is going to require some REAL INVESTMENT, to start moving up to 600 ships again.

Is the do-nothing Congress and Mitch McManhattan Institute up to the task? They will be after December 12, when Judge Roy gets elected to the Senate by the great state of Alabama.

Then the President will finally have the votes he needs to get his new Aircraft Carriers built, as long as John McCain remembers he used to be a good Navy man, before he became a ten-year-old girl with hurt feelings.


I expect to see GEOTUS start rebuilding towards that 600-ship Freedom fleet before Christmas, and if you live in Alabama, don’t forget that American greatness and the fate of the world is literally hanging in the balance here.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Wapo, the Clintons and their Red Chinese masters be damned.

I have no doubt in my mind that President Trump can count on the God fearing Christians of Alabama to help him get the job done.

The United States Senate special election in Alabama will take place of December 12, 2017.



Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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