The Abomination of Swedish Lutheranism cries out for the next Apostle of the North

By John Miller

Sunday the 26th of November, 2017


Saint Ansgar was born a Frankish nobleman when that meant something, in the glorious spring of 801 in the countryside just north of Paris. His father served Louis the Pious, the son of Charlemagne the Great. In those days Moorish ingrates didn’t get to burn down the cities of France whenever they pleased, and nobody who sat around loathing the state that fed them and plotting its downfall got any sympathy.


The Franks were not then some band of perfumed wig-wearing homosexuals in haute couture. Louis the Pious spent his youth defending Christendom on the Spanish March, when Barcelona was the front-line between the French and Saracens, and when Spain was full of lazy, backwards, and subservient Goths, much like it is today.

Ansgar was only five years old when his mother died. Like all the noble Franks, the family of Ansgar were Godly folk, and his father placed him in the monastery school run by the Dominican Monks, so that he could go off and kill Saracens and Pagans with the King without having to fear for young Ansgar’s welfare.


By the time Ansgar was 12 years old he sported the tonsure by choice. He took the vows of the Dominican Order, and due to his precocious intellect was made a teacher at his school by the age of 15.

At the age of twenty-one Ansgar left France and went to Germany, which was then part of the same empire, much as now, except for then the French hadn’t renounced their sovereignty to Berlin, which was in those days just a festering pagan swamp full of cannibals. Much like today, except without any roads or books or decent food.

Ansgar went to an Abbey in Saxony, which was as far as Christian civilisation had then gotten going eastwards, and where the Franks had made themselves the masters of their savage cousins the Saxons, and were sharing with the Germans the gifts of Christian civilisation from the Mother Church.


He there became a principal of the school and pastor of the town Church. New Corbey  was a dangerous frontier town, and the main problem was not Germans, who generally speaking were well behaved when their freedoms were not at risk, but rather the Berserkers who would come down from Scandinavia, which before it became renowned for its meekness and amazing levels of tolerance, was pretty much like a scene from Hell, if Hell froze over.

The Norsemen in Ansgar’s day were tribal savages who loved nothing better than to get drunk and go steal from and rape their neighbours, thus making sedentary life quite difficult in Saxony. Being a Frank and not a Saxon, Ansgar decided to not sit idly by and wait for his Abbey to be looted and raped out of existence, and after burying all his parishioners once or twice, decided to civilise the Norse.


As it happened around that time King Harold Klak of Denmark had just lost his kingdom, and he requested help from Emperor Louis the Pious, who was then the most powerful man in the world, thanks to his Godly Frankish nobles, the chivalric cavalry whose valour established Western Christendom as we know it today.

Ansgar was sent with the imprimatur of the Frankish court to help King Harold regain his kingdom, and while he was there he preached the Gospel to the Berserkers of Denmark with great success. King Bjorn of Sweden then invited Ansgar to come preach the Gospel to the Swedes, and so it was that Ansgar built the first Church in Sweden.

Ansgar later went on to become Abbot of New Corbey and first Archbishop of Hamburg about 831, and Pope Gregory IV appointed him Legate to the Scandinavian countries.

Unfortunately his good works were mostly undone when pagan Norsemen burnt Hamburg to the ground in 845, and Scandinavia lapsed back into paganism.


Archbishop Ansgar was then appointed first Archbishop of Bremen in 848, and the See was united with that of Hamburg by Pope Nicholas I. Ansgar returned to Denmark and Sweden in 854 and resumed his missionary activities, converting Erik, King of Jutland.

Saint Ansgar was a remarkable holy man, whose legacy is entirely too remarkable to be left to the abominable Temple of Sodomy and Socialism that presently corrupts Sweden, which just these last fifty years or so has given up any pretence of being Christian at all, and today cannot even mention the LORD without lapsing into blasphemy.


The catamite Babylonians who have infested the Lutheran Church in Sweden have placed no limits on their idolatry or wickedness, and their cult is barely different form paganism. For all intents and purposes, there is no Lutheran Church, and Scandinavian Atheism and Socialism are the new state cults.

It will take another Ansgar, with his great preaching ability, his austerity and the holiness of his life, indeed it will take miracles to bring Christianity back to Sweden.

Let us pray for another Apostle of the North to re-introduce Christianity to Scandinavia, which has once again lapsed into abject paganism.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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