Katter’s Australia Party makes strong Queensland showing, Fake Conservative heathens not so much

By John Miller

Saturday the 25th of November, 2017


In a dress rehearsal for the next Federal election, Conservative Christian voters are abandoning the parties that abandoned them. Where they have a natural home, like Bob Katter’s Australia party, things are looking good.


The Pauline Hanson brand, with all its usual chaos and its tawdry history of scapegoating Asians, many of whom are amongst the most Christian of Australians, is pretty much where it has always been, in complete disarray.

While I am the first to denounce the Red Chinese menace, Pauline has always seemed closer to a Yellow peril alarmist to me, and I could never imagine her troubling a Howard, or any politician who addressed the legitimate grievances of the One Nation base.

Just so in Buderim, where the locals decided not to stick with Steve, and came home Conservative man (it looks like).


Clearly the Globalists are flooding us with immigrants to depress wages and drive up rents, and the Red Chinese are being allowed to get away with economic murder. ON are fine when they stick to issues that matter.

And I don’t want Sharia Law in this country, but I don’t want a crude an un-Christian response to these serious matters either. So why Pauline decided to endorse a dildo salesman in Thuringowa is anybody’s guess. As usual, One Nation was its own worst enemy.


Just when it looks like One Nation have done their dash, they surprise, and their model for the future should be Stephen Andrew. Look at this bloke. Now that’s at decent Aussie bloke, right there. And he still might pull it off. It’s worth a prayer.

Mirani Stephen Andrew


One Nation will be back, but will they ever get their act together? There is hardly an inch of sunshine between the ZERO-morality Libs and Nats and the Socialists these days, and it seems we are forced to witness our Christian society being torn apart by these jackals for now. Whatever the Socialists have in store for us in the next round of Cultural Marxism, it is sure drive the normal Christian Aussies to their wit’s end.

The Fake Conservative Libs and Nats are going nowhere, and they can look forward to the Conservative vote continuing to peel off if they are going serve us up more poofy Turnbullism. The protest vote has few places to flow except Pauline, so most of us just shrug and accept that we are living in End Times and wait for the Rapture.

Thank Christ then for Bob Katter and his Katter’s Australia party.

Hill and Hinchinbrook

If the Coalition don’t want to be completely destroyed in the Federal election they might want to think about pretending to have some Christian values again.


The ABC seems to not even know these guys exist. Clearly it is time to defund the ABC.

Frankly, the ABC should only exist as a service to TV viewers in the Bush. Instead the ABC seems to only exist to spread homosexual Jihad. Why any government minister should have to put up with cheek from a band of ravening Socialist homos who only care about what they hear at dinner parties in Sydney and Melbourne is beyond me. Send them all down to Centrelink to tell their sad tales to the jobless and the working poor whose taxes have been paying for their splendour.

And while you’re at it, you might want to take a look at the banks and the Red Chinese, who have been conspiring against this nation for too long.

Anyhow, well done Bob, on all your success tonight mate. I wish you were the Deputy Leader of the Opposition. Then I wouldn’t be ashamed to tell people who I vote for.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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