PNG police catch Iranian spy provoking Manus Island riots, and release because muh journalism

By John Miller

Thursday the 23rd of November, 2017


As the lazy ingrates of Manus Island continue to burn down the facilities that you have to get up every morning and go to work for, we finally know at least which hostile power is putting them up to it: Iran.


Iran, the nation of Radical Islamic Terrorists which kills Christians in plain sight for a Hidden Mahdi, has been acting like a bunch of A*sahollas all-a longa, we now find out.

Our very own Fake News journalists were swift to jump to the defence of the Fake Journo paid by Tehran to act as a Boat Person whisperer, and demand his immediate release.

Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani gestures to the media during a news conference in Tehran

Can’t have any of you Fourth Estate vermin ever being held to account now, can we boys?

Who would want to even live in a world where these militant agitators couldn’t swan around spewing slander against the great nation of Australia that is good enough to employ them to point out all its non-existent faults, and bully Malcom Turnbull into creating a Godless society of impoverished but properly diversified and tolerant heathens?

I can’t even keep track of all the times and in all the many ways that the Australian media has become a running joke and a complete disgrace to the nation, but if it ever deserved to be rounded up and shot for collective treason, it was today when it labelled Behrooz Boochani a “””reporter”””, rather than just an outright enemy of Australia.


Do journalists in this country even wonder why kitchen hands all across the nation are spitting in their food, and why most of us hesitate before braking when we recognise them crossing the street?


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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