Internet globalist Jeff Bezos coming to rape Aussie retailers, cuck Malcolm wants to watch

By John Miller

Wednesday the 22nd of November, 2017


Fresh off all his latest successes in transforming God’s country into Sodom and Gomorrah, Malcolm Turnbull and the filthy degenerate heathens of his government are now doing everything to end the national prosperity as swiftly and as irrevocably as possible, and hand our country over to the dirty globalism personified in Jeff Bezos and Amazon.


Amazon, the junk corporation that somehow survives year after year despite trading at a completely ridiculous multiple of 300 times earnings, only manages to survive because it is kept afloat by the Red Chinese and other criminals, who use it to dump all of their unsafe and shoddy merchandise into Western Markets.

Jeff Bezos is some kind of big-shot in America, where he own a Fake News publication that garnered some credibility in the 1970s by going after the Nixon administration, but Wapo now mainly exists to destroy Western civilisation by backing whichever cadre of corrupt politicians is most supportive of the false song of globalism, and to print anything which glorifies Satanism.


Chinese communism will eventually fall, either before or after its workers are all choked to death manufacturing all the garbage that Jeff Bezos sells.

The Amazon Ponzi scheme cannot exist forever either. Bezos may swagger around like a successful businessman, but all his money comes not from honest profit, but from the kickbacks he has gotten from hostile foreign governments that are trying to destroy us and our way of life, and by dishonest paper speculation.


The victims in all this are usually our manufacturers, but in the case of Australia those jobs are long gone.

Anybody finishing their education in Malcolm Turnbull’s Australia had better look forward to a career as a dishwasher or checkout operator, because unless you are some kind of fancy poofter that has the connections to get into the public service, there is bugger all else left for you to do.


Now even our retail jobs are going, thanks to Malcolm and his crew, the Fake Conservative vermin Christopher Pynes of this world, the type of soy-boy bugmen degenerates who lay next to their sleeping wives and watch homosexual porn all night.

Blackjack McEwen would not have put up with this bullshit, he would have driven this bloody traitor Turnbull and the little catamite Pyne down to the surf and got rid of them both for the good of the nation.

The sooner that Tony Abbot and anybody left in the Liberal and National party who is still an Australian national and not a rampaging homosexual gets together to end this abomination of a government, the better.

Weekly Times image 82406aa133c90262746f8744dedcc581 (1)

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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