Trump wins Time Man of the Year award BIGLY, Eurofag Climate Change losers dead LAST AGAIN

By John Miller

Sunday the 19th of November, 2017


President Trump continues to crush all his opponents like a bottle of water at a press conference, today winning the semi-prestigious Time Man of the Year Award. While this will ensure his place on the waiting room tables of doctors everywhere for at least the next twenty-five years, what about the rest of the competition?

The Silver medal was won by a Canadian woman. I’ve never heard of her, but I’m sure she’s a mighty fine lesbian eskimo with a passion for drug legalisation.


In third place, with shameful bronze, everyone that Harvey Weinstein raped and paid Black Cube to throw over a balcony. Oh God, not Tay-Tay. Y-you MONSTER.


Arriving hot on their heels, it’s his Holy Father, fellow self-confessed America-hater and open borders junky Ariana Grande Latte, some woman who should be in prison, Dude Heroin LMAO, and a guy who tried to turn Wapo into Fake News to protect his shitty internet monopoly but was a decade too late.


In the Rocket Man places: Rose McGowan, a Hungry Hippo, Treason McStrokeface, Lurch from the Addams family, and Uncle Steve. Better luck next year.


Also relevant this year: The guy who used to be on the Man Show, a Communist pig farmer, some guy who forgot to fire up his bots, Mark this-is-the-same-percent-I’ll-get-in-the-Dem-primaries Zuckerberg, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, sex-change Phil Collins, and a band from the 1950s.


Dead Last and TOTALLY IRRELEVANT: Everybody who is going to attend the next Conference on Global Warming in the city that should probably be more concerned about Allah-Akbar related fatalities. At least you tried.



Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I’m an Aussie and when I’m not obsessing about Conservative politics or defending Trump I also enjoy various sports and Christian activities.

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