Increasingly nervous BBC gloats at 4chan for not tricking Sweden into changing flag, Internet Nazis claim Total Victory

By John Miller

Friday the 17th of November, 2017


Well done Britbongs, today your TV license fee was well spent.

The Acronym that more people under the age of 25 associate with interracial porn than with the news delivered just the kind of journalistic experience we have come to expect from the Beeb, an organisation which exists to return Britons to their place in the world: grovelling at Herr Merkel’s feet for more diversity and globalisation.


That the BBC should announce with great jubilation that 4chan was dead because it couldn’t trick Sweden into changing its flag seems stupid on the face of it, until you consider that the rampant Bolshevik polymorph who stopped playing with xis cats for just long enough to write the article in question was probably choking on petroleum jelly and glitter, and had very little time to do any research.

4chan for the most part remains largely ambivalent about that state of the Swedish flag, and most chan users probably don’t even care that Sweden is a failed Communist state overrun by terrorists and driven into the gutter by a failing pile of garbage Socialist government.


The weebs of /a/ are unlikely to ever see a thread about more bombs going off in Malmo this year than in Baghdad, or care about violence perpetrated by or against 3d women, who are frankly speaking just not good waifu material, or important.

Likewise, a teen delinquent from /b/ or a degenerate lurker of /gif/ may not even be able to point to all the Nordic countries surrounding Sweden which remain safe and prosperous, or care that Sweden is re-entering the Dark Ages, as it surges to its rightful place as the rape capital of the Europe.


A madman from /x/, an avid fan of paper folding from /po/, or a lover of kuwaii Gothics from /c/ often have almost nothing in common, and many chan users never even look at one another’s boards. For the BBC to claim any kind of plurality of thought across these boards, or any thought at all in the case of some boards, is utterly ridiculous.

The very fact that some uppity dildo collecting Socialist who blogs for the BBC even mentioned 4chan at all will be taken as a complete and utter victory by the troll army of /pol/, which thrives on notoriety.

/pol/ itself is much less like one person than the BBC, which struggles to display any diversity of opinion. The type of Communist sex change enthusiast who gets published by the hive mind that is the British Broadcasting Corporation is just as likely to be found making threads on /pol/ as any other category of politically active person.

Even most users of /pol/ care very little about the Swedish flag, except to the extent that somebody somewhere might be offended, and that this has lulz potential.

The most actively trolled group on the board right now are probably Burgers (Americans), who are being savagely trolled about their allegedly Orclike appearance in almost every thread.


The point is, there is no point. /pol/ exists for dark humour, and if it isn’t presently offending you, then give it 30 seconds. It will.

The board for politically incorrect thought throws up and then slides threads with such astonishing rapidity and regularity that unless you are even bothering to stalk the archives for some particular type of wrong-think, you may not even see the thing that you are expecting to offend you come and go.

Even most /pol/ regulars were probably only barely aware that there was a prank campaign underway to change the Swedish flag.

Giving these edgelords the attention they crave is probably not going to end well for the BBC, and it will only result in yet more bully for poor Sweden.


Why the BBC should even care to inform its core audience of spice-latte sipping Jezebels whose biological clocks have run out about what the pimply-faced Nazi LARPers who infest the politics board of the Internet’s premier Mongolian throat singing forum are doing is utterly beyond me, but I’m sure it has something to do with hang-wringing and childless angst.

Tldr; the BBC is a running joke which the gay and the very gay alike can enjoy, and it is being told very homosexually in Communist at the expense of the British taxpayer.

Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia. I spend a fair whack of my spare time defending GEOTUS to get that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority back. MAGA.

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