Life catches up with you slowly: George Takei accused of drugging and raping models back in the 80s

By John Miller

Saturday the 11th of November, 2017


George Takei, who is apparently still famous for mincing around behind William Shatner on the deck of the Starship Enterprise a century or so ago, is finally back in the headlines for doing what Hollywood does best: Rape.


Takei has not been shy about moralising about sexual assault in the past. He once semi-famously declared to the small legion of bots that Hillary for America paid to follow his twitter account something along the lines of President Trump ought not be helping out with Sexual Assault month last April because quoth the homo: “Stars can get away with anything.”

Yes they can George, but only for three or four decades, so maybe you should surrender yourself to the authorities, mate.  Just another Hollywood rapist. Sad.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy. These days I spend all my spare time defending the best (and only worthy) President of the United States since Reagan. Totally worth it. Bring back that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority, Mr President. Christians4Trump. MAGA.

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