Moore Fake News: Wapo reporter caught bribing women to lie about Judge Roy

By John Miller

Saturday the 11th of November, 2017


Jeff Bezos hasn’t had a great deal of luck derailing the Trump presidency so far, but he still has his do-nothing Congress full of dirty #NeverTrump cucks to defend.

It was probably with this in mind that he sent one of his best scandalmongers down south, to see what the Washington Post could do to defeat the Roy Moore insurgency.

'The Future of Newspapers' Conference, Torino, Italy - 21 Jun 2017

A gutter journalist, identified only as Beth X, has allegedly been caught on tape handing out $1000 bribes to any potential accusers that are willing to come forward and smear the God-fearing judge with the dirt cooked up by McConnell and McCain.

We here at the Free Peach are prepared to give Miss Reinhard the benefit of the doubt, and would never dream of suggesting that her stories are a pile of slanderous garbage conducted on behalf of a disgusting corporate monopoly that Judge Roy Moore and President Trump ought to go full Teddy Roosevelt upon at the first opportunity.

The Amazon monopoly may be laughing now, with disgraceful politicians like Mitch McConnell and John McCain in its pocket, and with Fake News journalists like Beth Reinhard there to do its dirty work, but better days are surely coming for America.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy. These days I spend all my spare time defending the best (and only worthy) President of the United States since Reagan. Totally worth it. Bring back that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority, Mr President. Christians4Trump. MAGA.

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