HPV epidemic: Cancer producing disease spread by Tinder degenerates now infects 39 million Americans

By John Miller

Friday the 10th of November, 2017


The sexual revolution has not quite worked out as planned for the legion of wanton fornicators bearing the Human papillomavirus infection. What begins as a random act of sinful degeneracy soon breaks out in shameful warts, but this is just the early stages of your infection. As you grow older the INCURABLE disease grows stronger, and once no longer in the prime of youthful health, the victim will become infested with cancers.


An epidemic of CANCER has broken out amongst those that abused the temple of their body and disobeyed the Laws of God: cervical cancer, cancer of the vulva, cancer of the vagina or penis, cancer of the anus or throat. Whichever member of your body that was whored out, it has become infected with your future suffering.

This generation had mocked God and the simple pleasures of Holy Matrimony for too long, and now its sins are upon its head. They have made themselves unclean.

According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, 16 million men and 23 million women now carry the disease.

Weep for their children though, for the virus is transmitted from mother to child. Truly we live in an age of utmost evil and depravity.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy. These days I spend all my spare time defending the best (and only worthy) President of the United States since Reagan. Totally worth it. Bring back that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority, Mr President. Christians4Trump. MAGA.

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