Guess who’s coming to dinner and hates Israel? Antizionfa gears up for next hate crime

By John Miller

Wednesday the 8th of November, 2017


Fresh off their latest atrocity, and with the families still grieving after lone wolf atheist anarchist maniac Devin Kelley gunned down a Church full of worshippers in Texas for their weekend of Bolshevik Revolution, Antifa have already decided in their Hate Spaces on who the next target of their Radical Leftwing Terrorism will be. Spoiler: it’s the Jews.


Jews and Christians face a common enemy. The same people who despise Conservative Christians will not tolerate the existence of Israel.

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Christianism are both rampant on American campuses, where our kids are being indoctrinated with vile Leftist propaganda that undermines the legitimacy of the Torah and the Gospels. The destroy Israel fruitbats are gearing up for another violent weekend of hate against everything that is decent in the world, and as we saw the weekend just gone, there are always one or two who take the Antifa message to its most violent and sickening extreme.


The thug who shot up a place of worship was not alone.

In Kentucky a senator was beaten by a rabid Socialist while he was at home with his family. Rand Paul has broken ribs. If it can happen to a Senator on his own front lawn, then don’t think you are immune in Gotham.

If you think that the hatred toward Jewry comes exclusively from the goblins of the Far Right, detestable figures such as David Duke, Richard Spencer and Matt Heimbach, then think again. For all its obfuscation and slogans, the Far Left is every bit as hateful. It is also better organised, and much better funded.

America is sleep-walking towards disaster. I pray that all my Jewish friends stay safe on November 12, and have a good night honouring great people, at the Louis D. Brandeis Awards Gala.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy. These days I spend all my spare time defending the best (and only worthy) President of the United States since Reagan. Totally worth it. Bring back that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority, Mr President. Christians4Trump. MAGA.

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