Sleazy NYT-Fusion GPS Shill begone: lying Fake Conservative rat Bret Stephens refuted, with proofs

By John Miller

Sunday the 5th of November, 2017


In the matter of Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump-Russia connection, first of all let us all agree that Mueller has been carrying water for Hillary ever since he carried a sample of Highly Enriched Uranium to Putin in Moscow in 2009 for Hillary. This is when he was Director of the FBI, and she was Secretary of State.


Hillary got $145 from Putin for her political slush fund, commonly known as the Clinton Foundation.

Putin got something that he didn’t need for his own nukes, but which will eventually be sent back at America and Israel on Iranian and North Korean rockets.

I’m not sure what Mueller got, but I’m darn sure that this one act of high treachery alone should send him directly to jail.

Instead Rod Rosenstein decided to make him the Grand Inquisitor of the Trump fishing expedition. So far the only colluding Russians it has uncovered are the two Kremlin agents that employed Fusion GPS to subvert the Magnitsky Act. The same Fusion GPS that Hillary employed to smear Trump. The same Fusion GPS that reached out to their old Wall Street Journal chum to slime Trump in an op ed for the New York Times.

Exhibit 1: Proofs of Mueller and Clinton’s treachery


Okey doke. Let’s take a look at the three arguments that Bret Stephens used in his Friday hit piece for the Fake News organ owned by ironically fat subverter of American media Carlos Slim.

Muh Legit Dossier

Yes, we insist that the fake dossier compiled by British Socialist Christopher Steele is a failing piece of garbage, and therefore it was only fitting that Buzzfeed, another failing piece of garbage, saw fit to publish it.

Even the Fake News banana vendors at CNN are backing away from it.

Why? Well, for a start Buzzfeed are going to get sued into oblivion by Aleksej Gubarev, who Christopher Steele decided to allege:

“had been using botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct ‘altering operations’ against the Democratic Party leadership.”

Unfortunately for Buzzfeed, it seems that Christopher Steele just made it all up. Hey, I guess when your MI6 senpai is the guy who compiled the Fakest-of-Fakest Dossiers, the September Dossier that Blair gave to Bush as proofs of Iraqi WMD, you think you can write whatever you like and get away with it. La la la – Fake News!

Exhibit 2: Where was Christopher Steele when Dr. David Kelly was murdered?


Moving right along.

Bret Stephens goes to great lengths to cover for the degenerate lying scumbags at Fusion GPS, but we only need mention that Fusion GPS are the guys who smeared the man who was beaten to death by Vladimir Putin in prison for finding evidence of Russian oligarch crimes. And keep moving on.

Sorry senpai Glenn McPutinbot-Chavezshill-should-be-in-prison Simpson, who likes go to UC Berkeley and swan around in front of the journalism students as if 45,000 Venezuelan children aren’t selling their bodies for food tonight because the guys who got lucrative Venezuelan oil contracts gave Fusion GPS bags of dirty money to market Venezuelan Socialism in the USA.

Five guys got rich in Venezuela. And those five guys paid Fusion GPS to trick Bernie Sanders into believing that Socialism worked this one time, under Chavez. Sorry Bernie bros, everybody starved again. Gazprom made a lot of money though. Muh Russians.

Rat Stephens has the cheek to quote Bill Browder?

I guess when your game is smearing other people with the same mud that you are covered with, a bit of shameless lying audacity never goes astray.

Fusion GPS has been collaborating with Kremlin agent, lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, for years.

Exhibit 3: Written testimony from Bill Browder about Russians working with  Fusion GPS


Next Stephens insults the dead, by casually mentioning that Vladimir Putin killed one of Steele’s possible Russian sources. He doesn’t mention that the Russian was killed on Boxing Day last year. Gee I wonder why Putin was killing people that could tie him to Hillary Clinton and the DNC after Trump got elected?

Maybe Putin was just cranky that his $35 Million-dollar investment in Skippy Podesta’s company Joule was suddenly worthless.

C.I.A. station chief John Sipher is Bret Stephen’s professional witness. The Russians were involved in the DNC hack because the C.I.A. never lie, and they always get everything right.

Muh Russians Timeline

June 12: Julian Assange announced that WikiLeaks already had and would publish documents pertinent to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

June 14: CrowdStrike, a cyber-security firm hired by the Wasserman-Schultz DNC, announce, without providing any evidence, that it has found malware on DNC servers and evidence that Russians were responsible for planting it.

June 15: Hacker takes responsibility for the June 14 hack and claims to be WikiLeaks source. Guccifer posts adulterated documents as proofs.

C.I.A goes hurr durr nope the Russians dunnit. Fake News concurs. Malware founded and removed. Everything OK now.

July 5: Hacker remotely hacks DNC servers again.

CIA goes hurr durr Russians again. Fake News concurs. No proofs offered. Nobody explains how they dunnit after all the “””Russian malware””” was removed.

July 10: DNC employee Seth Rich is murdered.

July 28: Donna Brazile takes over. Finds out what Bernie bro Seth Rich knew, that Hillary and Wasserman Schultz rigged the DNC 5 months before the primaries even began. Starts fearing for her life cos Hillary and Putin can be kinda scary.

Exhibit 4: The smoking gun that the Wasserman Schultz DNC was in the bag for Hillary


Nobody is saying that the Russians definitely didn’t hack the DNC. We’re just wondering that if you’re Putin in June/July, are you more like to align your interests with the woman everybody is sure is going to cakewalk into the Whitehouse, or against her?

Nobody is saying he didn’t drop a couple of hundred grand on Facebook against Hillary when it looked like she might lose either. We’re just saying his big bet was the $35 Mil on Skippy and Joule, and his biggest investment of all was the $145 Mil he kicked in to the elect Hillary slush fund.

Ayyyyyyyyyy, and he got all that Uranium! Is sweet deal being. Thanks you, Hillary.

Muh Paul Manafort

Paul spent ten years in the Ukraine getting anti-Western candidates elected. This was public knowledge well before Mueller and Weissmann went on their fishing expedition, and it has nothing to do with Trump.

Trump got his first National Security briefing on August 17. Two days later he fired Manafort, despite Manafort being the best political operative who ever worked for him. Say what you like about Paul, but the guy knows how to get his people nominated, and he knows how to win elections. Been doing it since ’76, for Ford.  Kept on doing it for five decades.

The fact that all kind of Fake Conservatives were once eager to do the bidding of the Manhattan Institute #NeverTrump creeps who were paying Fusion before Hillary and the DNC took over is neither here nor there.

Carter Page? Never heard of her. Try harder Washington Free Beacon.

George Papadopoulos has already admitted to the F.B.I. that he’s a liar, so he can go to hell too if he wants to help Mueller slime GEOTUS.

All you #NeverTrump Fake Conservative open borders globalist queers are embarrassing yourselves. Make like Jeff Flake and exit gracefully, why don’t you?

The Steele dossier has been entirely discredited, and to suggest that Bret Stephens is merely being dishonest is an insult to dishonest people. He is a low down lying dirty rat, he couldn’t dance for money at the Wall Street Journal anymore, so now he gives lap dances to Carlos Slim at the Hillary Clinton Times.

HA HA HA HA HA Manafort’s unpaid $75 Mil in taxes IS kinda funny, thanks for pointing that out Brett. George Soros has owed $14 BILLION since the Bush Administration, and yeah, you’re totally  correct that we are more concerned about Bill Clinton selling out American industry for donations by Red Chinese communists than we are with what Paul Manafort got up to in the Ukraine.

Exhibit 5: Yes, the Clintons really will take money from anybody, anytime.


Uh, but apparently the Manafort indictment underscores the Trump campaign’s astonishing vulnerability to Russian blackmail?

Gee guy, if everybody at the FBI and in the Obama admin were really so concerned about Manafort, then why wait until August to give Trump his first National Security briefing?

Did Manafort use Trump to soften the Republican Party platform’s language on providing help to Ukraine? Maybe.

You think GEOTUS was happy when he found out he had been duped like that?

No mention of all the sanctions Trump has slapped on the Russians after he fired Manafort and became the Prez? Gee whiz guy, that’s kinda dishonest.

Exhibit 6: Stop lying to us, Bret Stephens, you filthy rotten liar


Why did the campaign pursue a course of semi-secret outreach to Russia through George Papadopoulos? Lol whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Your #NeverTrump mole pestered GEOTUS for months to meet with muh Russians. Almost like his life depended on it. The only Trump who met with the honeypot Fusion GPS Russian Veselnitskaya was Donald Junior. For twenty minutes.

OOOH big collusion. Kremlin agents dangle prospect of Hillary dirt so they can become proofs of Russian collusion themselves. That’s pretty devious, Fusion GPS.

Donald Junior never hid anything though. Au contraire, he released all his emails, because he’s got nothing to hide. Still waiting to see all of Glenn Simpson’s and all Hilary’s emails. Fake Russian honeypot is fake, but I want to know who paid for it and who organised it.

Mueller? Not interested.

Oh but what about Trump’s obsequious overtures to the Kremlin? Trump. Obsequious. Are you even trying, Bret Stephens?

These questions require answers, blathers Stephens. Something something Mueller. Mention of Trump pardoning Manafort…do you even facts bro? Nobody gonna pardon Manafort, unless he spent his whole life protecting the US border and just got railroaded by some activist Dem judge using Obamafacts.

Papadopoulos is strange and repugnant, Stephens goes on. No arguments there kid, but have you even looked in the mirror lately?

We aren’t bored with getting to the bottom of Russian conspiracies by a long shot either,  chump. We’re just getting warmed up. This Russian conspiracy is going to take down a lot of Liberals. And Fake Conservatives too, if we dig hard enough.

Muh Fake Scandal

Now we get to the good bit: The biggest scandal isn’t even that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the Steele dossier, it’s how they got the money to do it, and who they used to set up the President’s son.

Where do think Hillary got the 12 Mil she was using to smear Trump? Putin gave her $145 Mil, Russians get 1/5 of America’s highly enriched uranium.

Uh, yeah, that sounds kinda like Russian collusion.

But let’s just imagine for a moment that we all won’t be killed if Rocket Man can figure out how to make it into rockets. Or that the Iranians aren’t converting all this HEU into Death to Israel right now.

Putin still had a $35 Million dollar bet riding on the Podesta brothers, at Joule.

Exhibit 7: Oh noes, it’s muh real Russian collusion


If Clinton was the beneficiary of the Kremlin’s designs, why did it leak her emails, asks increasingly nervous Fake News windbag.

Maybe Seth Rich did it. Maybe the Kremlin enjoys American carnage? Maybe the real good dirt on Hillary is in the 33,000 emails that we haven’t seen yet.

So far the main beneficiary of muh Russia narrative has been sore loser Clinton. I’m pretty sure Paul Singer just wants to disavow you now, now that things didn’t quite work out for his boy, little Marco. Slink away, Bret Stephens.

Has there ever been a President investigated so thoroughly, and from the day of his inauguration?

Donald Trump is squeaky clean. Time to take a look at Hillary, and Fusion GPS.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy. These days I spend all my spare time defending the best (and only worthy) President of the United States since Reagan. Totally worth it. Bring back that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority, Mr President. Christians4Trump. MAGA.



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