Saudi corruption scandal: Prince Dopey and ISIS friends go down, Tony Podesta takes the money and runs

By John Miller

Sunday the 5th of November, 2017


So, uh, Prince Dopey just got arrested. Al-Waleed bin Talal, the $18 BILLION Dollar Man, and 10 other Princes who none of us have ever heard of before.

In his day Prince Dopey was a major international player, whose holdings at one time or another included significant stakes in Amazon, AOL / Time Warner, Apple, Citigroup, Ford, McDonald’s, News Corporation, Marvel Comics, The Walt Disney Company, and Twitter.


Huh, I always wondered why Ms. Marvel was transformed into a Lesbian Arab. Thanks a bunch, Prince Dopey and the Kingdom Diversity crew.

His YUGE mistake though was going all in against GEOTUS: Jeez, did somebody even bother to tell him that he didn’t have to buy twitter to tweet this bit of arrogance at Trump.


That was 3:02 AM – Dec 12, 2015. What has all this got to do with Tony Podesta?

Who even is Tony Podesta? The guy too shy to let us know about all the good work he did in the Ukraine with Paul Manafort? The man who wanted no credit for all his sterling efforts on behalf of Uranium One?

Welp, here is the paperwork that Tony eventually filed, um, August just gone. When he was tipped off by the Mueller camp that Manafort was about to indicted for not filing HIS paperwork.


Oh look, and good guy Tony gave Kim Fritts all the credit for Uranium One. How very nice of him.

I guess we’ll have to see what Kim Fritts has to say about that, if we ever get a real Special Prosecutor, and not a Clinton bagman who tips off the people he’s supposed to be investigating to get their paperwork in so he won’t be able to arrest them.

It seems Tony was super proud of the contract with Prince Dopey that fell in his lap though, cos he filed the papers for that right around the time that Hillary for America had owned the Wasserman Schultz DNC for 6 months.


The Cheese Pizza gang were really starting to throw a lot of work Tony’s way. His many talents: hanging lurid images of suffering children in his living room, and being the brother of John Podesta.

As we can see from Tony’s March filing, business was booming, when his brother Skippy was widely touted to be on a sure thing with President, uh sorry, Candidate Hillary Clinton.


Oh hai there Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Court. Tony Podesta got $140,000 a month for access to his brother. Hillary had been on the payroll for years.

Remember that ODD WikiLeaks email from Hillary to Skippy, dated August 14, 2014?

“We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to Isil and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

That was Hillary Clinton private citizen, emailing John Podesta the Counsellor to the President. They kind of take it turns to subvert the government. It’s a super creepy relationship.


Hillary got $10 – $20 Mil from the rogue Saudi princes. An extra $1 – 5 Mil from Qatar. The Hajis got their Caliphate. You think ISIS would have lost Raqqa if Hillary were President now? Dream on, son.

Hillary took $145 Million from Putin and gave him enough HEU to kill every man and woman in America. You think a little bit of head chopping would bother a woman like that?

What price did the Podesta Brothers put on their support for ISIS? Was Creepy Skippy the Obama whisperer just doing this out of the goodness of his heart?

LOL nah, Tony got to rake in 1.6 Million from the Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Royal Court. Tony Podesta even put his own name on the job.


I guess Kim Fritts was busy dealing with Uranium One.

Those ISIS guys probably shared an indecent amount of Cheese Pizza with Fat Tony and friends too.

Thank God the Saudis at least have finally brought the hammer down on. Bye bye Prince Dopey.

Mueller doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would tolerate Cheese Pizza eaters, but I’ll guess we’ll find out just what kind of man he really is over the next few days.

Tony Podesta is an animal, Mueller. Lock him up already, for the love of God.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy. These days I spend all my spare time defending the best (and only worthy) President of the United States since Reagan. Totally worth it. Bring back that 80s prosperity and the Moral Majority, Mr President. Christians4Trump. MAGA.

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