Kids turn to prostitution to feed starving families in Socialist Venezuela. Thanks Fusion GPS.

By John Miller

Saturday the 4th of November, 2017


The scandal mongering Putinbots at Fusion GPS who smeared POTUS were not simply conjured out of thin air by Hillary and the Wasserman-Schultz DNC. These morally bankrupt lunatics have been destroying lives around the globe for filthy lucre for as long as anybody who works the Fake News beat in Washington cares to remember.

Welcome to Dupont Circle. Has a more wretched hive of scum and villainy ever existed?

Fusion GPS has long been summoning the lazy and despicable clowns who work the presses and the screens of public perception to their offices. They typically will waive some dossier full of dirt in front of their prey.

Hey, look at all this salacious material I just dropped into your lap.

Is it true? HA HA HA HA. Just kidding Fusion GPS. And thanks for the envelope.

Who wants to guess what journalistic ethics looks like at UC Berkeley?


You’re probably all sick of me banging on about Fusion GPS trying to subvert American democracy for Hillary and Debbie, or the Magnitsky act for the Russians.

How about we look at the time a Venezuelan company named Derwick Associates got Fusion GPS to spike stories detrimental to Venezuelan Socialism in the “””free””” American press.

Fake News couldn’t be bothered to report that Derwick skimmed billions of dollars from rigged contracts with Hugo Chavez’s regime, or that it was doing BIG business with Russian state companies like Gazprom and Gazprombank.

Hey, aren’t these the same evil conglomerates sanctioned by Washington for issues related to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine? Uh huh. Talk about collusion with the Russians. Choke on your lies, Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS.



Derwick Associates were five young Venezuelan businessmen with ties to figures in the Chavez regime. Hugo Chavez was the fat Socialist pig who died in 2013, and was replaced by another fat Socialist pig, Nicolas Maduro.

Remember how the stupid Left just seemed to love Chavez, well guess who was masterminding the propaganda campaign that legitimised this heinous dictator.

Socialism has never worked anywhere. It’s a scam. The people end up starving, every time.

The winners are the few comrades who get to monopolise all the resources of the state. At least the greedy capitalist will make sure his customers get something, the Socialist is just a looter, plain and simple.

Such was the case in Venezuela, where the Chavez junta handed $1 billion worth of contracts for power plants in Venezuela over to five cronies of the regime, without any bidding.


Derwick entered into a partnership with Gazprom to enter the Venezuelan oil sector, through a strategic venture with Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA). 20,000 Venezuelans were purged from the payroll, men and women with knowledge and experience in how to run the state oil conglomerate. Others with no knowledge and experience but the correct party affiliation replaced them. How do you think that has worked out?

To this day we still hear guys like Bernie talking about how great Socialism is, and what a great job Chavez did. Uh huh, a bankrupt oil state with no food, no money, and now an epidemic of child sex slavery, as the filthy predators encroach on Venezuela. This is Socialism. It is a crime against humanity.

Derwick Associates knew nothing about oil. All they represented was a network of contacts, and they looted Venezuela with complete impunity.  Derwick Associates grew so rich on plunder that it became a financier to Gazprom, and joined itself to the joint PDVSA-Gazprom oil production deal.

Derwick and Fusion have waged an international censorship campaign out of Dupont Circle against the enemies of Socialism with reckless abandon since at least 2014. Peter Fritsch, a partner at Fusion GPS, has flown back and forth from Washington and Caracas to collude with Derwick principals.


Fritsch went to Venezuela to meet with reporters from the Wall Street Journal who were working on an article about Derwick Associates. He came with a lawyer, and killed the investigation by the Wall Street Journal into Derwick.

Wall Street Journal mouth-piece Steve Severinghaus offers this explanation of events:

“The Wall Street Journal doesn’t withhold publication of any articles due to pressure from anyone. In fact, our Aug. 8, 2014, article was at the forefront in reporting federal and New York City preliminary investigations into the Venezuelan company Derwick Associates. The Journal‘s editorial decisions are independent and in keeping with our long tradition of tough and fair reporting.”

Uh huh.

This year the Senate Judiciary committee got written testimony from Venezuelan-born Thor Halvorssen, regarding the work of Fusion GPS on behalf of Venezuelan Socialist entities.


Thor testified:

“In 2012 I began researching a Venezuelan corruption scandal that also involved U.S. banks, companies, and even U.S. courts. This story should have received extensive exposure on the front pages of America’s national newspapers. Fusion GPS, however, was hired to spike these stories. Even though it was clearly acting as a public relations counsel on behalf of a foreign principal, Fusion GPS never registered under FARA and was able to engage in nefarious activities without public scrutiny.”


“Mr. Fritsch sent [Wall Street Journal reporter] Mr. De Cordoba a dossier containing false and derogatory information about me and about the other whistleblowers who have drawn attention to Derwick.”


“They placed false accusations that I was a heroin addict, a pedophile, and guilty of embezzlement. They could have done something about me that was plausible, like attacked the Human Rights Foundation, the Oslo Freedom Forum, or some run-of-the-mill shortcoming. But their point is to make the accusations so appalling that there can be no defense. The point is to make you radioactive. And what’s interesting is that it was the same pattern of accusations against multiple people.”

Halvorssen’s home in London was broken into and his computer was stolen, according to London police reports.

This is how Fusion GPS, the Russians, and the Venezualan Socialists play. These are the people that Hillary got into bed with, to smear President Trump.

Photographs of Halvorssen’s young daughters, taken with a telephoto lens, were put into his raincoat. He also received an anonymous note threatening his daughters with sexual abuse.

There’s nothing Fusion GPS wasn’t willing to do for money.

I don’t know what Jeff Sessions does all day, or how he sleeps at night.


I know what Mueller does all day. He runs Hillary’s fishing expedition for the Kremlin.

B-but Paul Manfort didn’t pay his taxes.

Uh huh. Well Fusion GPS was paid to undo the U.S. sanctions put on Russia after it beat Magnitzky to death in a prison cell. The guy whose crime was uncovering hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud. One of Fusion’s many dirty jobs was smearing Magnitzky.

Fusion was up to its neck in Russian collusion even before then, because of Gazprom’s stake in Venezuela’s energy sector alongside Derwick Associates. Those guys all got rich.

How about the 45,000 kids who are selling their bodies on the streets of Venezuelan slums tonight to pay for food?

Everybody who conspired to let this happen should be in jail. Simpson and Fusion GPS are guilty as hell.

They are the enablers that allows the Clintons, the Muellers, and Wasserman Schultzes of the world to get away with murder.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy.

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