ISIS is defiling corpses of American heroes in West Africa. These guys require napalm and extreme vetting.

By John Miller

Saturday the 4th of November, 2017


POTUS was dragged over the coals recently for trying to console a grieving widow, but amidst all the hubbub what was lost is that America is fighting ISIS on a front where the terrorists still aren’t noticeably losing. That is a propaganda victory for ISIS, at a time when they are in full retreat everywhere else.

At least the Donald knew our guys were fighting there. Almost nobody in the Senate or the Congress seemed to know that America was even there. There are around 800 U.S troops stationed in Niger, and 6000 within 53 countries across the Africa.

Undermanned, outgunned, denied the full support of USAF or even rudimentary drone cover, these brave, brave, soldiers were walked into an ambush by local Hajis, and butchered by ISIS. For one of these heroes, his last moments were an unspeakable horror.

This is outrageous.


On the 4th of October four U.S soldiers, their interpreter and four Nigeriens died in Niger. Few us can tell Niger on a map, or tell a Nigerien from a Nigerian. Not good enough when heroes are dying.

ISIS in the Greater Sahel (ISGS) is led by Adnan Abu Waleed al-Sahrawi, and this maniac should be the immediate focus of the world’s attention.

Al-Sahrawi switched horses from Al Qaeda when the Caliphate emerged, and now that ISIS is being obliterated in Syria and Iraq, and nobody is paying attention to Africa, he is becoming the main game.

The stated aim of his organisation is Sharia for Algeria, Libya, Mali and Niger. He is doing far too well in Libya and Niger, and is time those countries got some immediate freedom.


ISGS is a criminal gang which trades in kidnapping, ransoms, robbery and smuggling. This is not their end game. Just because they lack heavy weapons and vehicular IEDs at this stage does not mean that they won’t get them in the near future. Give them any breathing space, and we will regret it.

West Africa is on the front line between Christian civilisation and Jihad. Until the terrorists were emboldened by the weakness that gave rise to the Caliphate they were just a disorganised rabble. Now they are well organised, well-funded, and they require the full attention of the Western Allies.

Africa has enough on its plate without this ISIS hive of scum and villainy being allowed to flourish. It must be destroyed, root and branch, in a concerted effort led with urgency by America, and an increased focus, resolve and commitment from African governments and their national armies. No more failed states in Africa.

U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) is a bloody shambles, and not because it lacks the will to fight on the pointy end. REMF needs to get its proverbial together, and give the good guys who do all the hard yards the kind of backup they deserve.

(L-R) US Defense Secretary Robert Gates,

This is a time of crisis in Africa, again.

And where is the Africa Standby Force in all of this? What are they doing to solve the crisis? The U.S. has pledged a further $60 million toward developing a new counter-terrorism force, but the region needs experienced soldiers now.

Whatever Africa Standby Force is doing, it is not enough. Get them the funding the need, and get them to the front line.

This crisis will require more special forces from the US, more involvement from the USAF, and complete drone cover of the skies wherever ISIS is rumoured to have a filthy nest.



Then there is the question of extreme vetting. If the locals love defiling Christian soldiers so much in Niger, then why is Chad on the list, and not its neighbour? There is no Wall that separates the two countries.

Libya, Somalia, and Chad make up the list of failed African states requiring extreme vetting.

Sudan was dropped. Good news, I hope, and not a bad call.

Time to add Niger to the list. This is not a country that America or any reasonable country wants to get ISIS chain migration from.

We must get serious about Niger, and not just for the children of the West, but for the children of Africa. We are letting them down, and we may live to regret it.


I understand we cannot napalm Niger into oblivion, that was hyperbole. We can however MOAB ISIS straight to hell.

These dirty Caliphate guys who abduct little children for their sex slavery cult deserve nothing less.

And don’t forget to write the name of Army Sgt. La David Johnson on every MOAB. His name, his life, his service, and his sacrifice are all well worth remembering.



Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy.

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