Gender Identity Disorder never stopped being a mental illness, section it out of the military immediately

By John Miller

Saturday the 4th of November, 2017


It was only as recently as this year that Denmark became the first country in the history of the world to cave to the insane Left, and decide Transsexuality was no longer a mental illness.

I am all for live and let live, and letting homosexuals go about their shameful business without me sticking my beak in, but this wave of self-butchering is becoming an epidemic, and it needs to be talked about.

For the state to demand we all respect the rights of the mentally ill is one thing. For it to demand we allow the minds of impressionable children to be warped, and to allow madmen to abduct them for their penis chopping cult, that is a bridge too far.


When GEOTUS announced that these mentally ill persons were being sectioned out of the military it was a Red-Letter Day for Christians everywhere. For all his salty language and the odd shamefur display, Donald Trump gets it. The average Christian has been pushed too far for far too long. When you start coming for our kids, there is going to be blowback.

The thin end of the wedge was LGBTBBQ activists and the underpants parade community subverting science for being too intolerant towards their hedonism and debauchery. Once again, you want to do crazy stuff, none of my beeswax. But when science is no longer allowed to recognise your incongruences and disturbances, or properly diagnose your problem, just because of your feels, then this is madness upon madness.

God forbid that some whack job who wants to cut himself up might suffer some indirect discrimination because of it. Much better that the individual doesn’t get the proper care that they need. Thanks, LGBTBBQ.


We have been on this slippery since 2013, when Gender Identity Disorder was dropped from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), U.S. psychiatry’s bible for diagnosing mental illness.

Um, OK, so a bunch of activists shrieked at the psychiatry profession until it caved in and created a new condition called Gender Dysphoria, but all the self-harming nutcases that suffered from GID were still self-harming nutcases the next day.

If I shoot myself in the foot, the Army will section me out. But if I chop off all my bits and tell everybody that my wound is a vagina I’m A-OK.

Sorry pal, but vaginas don’t try to heal themselves.

Bradley Manning

There may well be transgendered heroes who are serving in the military. There are a lot of crazy guys that have done a lot of heroic things in uniform. This does not mean brass should have to tolerate their BS, or that the taxpayer should be paying for their gender re-assignment.

I’m sorry if you feel distress at the mismatch between your identity and your body guys, but I’m not the one pressuring you change your body. Maybe just work on your identity a little more, before you do something drastic that you are more than likely to regret later. Act in haste, repent at leisure.

The LGBTBBQ activists don’t care about these people at all, or they would see that many if not all of them are clearly mentally ill, and even after their transformations they will kill themselves at an alarming rate.


We are more tolerant than ever, but these guys and gals continue to end themselves far more often than in the past. Why do you think this is, tolerant Left? You are literally killing them with kindness, by pandering to their madness, and letting it go undiagnosed.

I don’t want to demagogue this issue. I wish nothing but the best for the mentally ill, including Judge Kollar-Kotelly, the latest activist judge who feels she ought be the president, and allowed to transgenderise the military from the bench.

You are sick, people. Stay out of the military, stay the heck away from our schools, and for the love of God, go get some help.


Full disclosure: John Miller’s IRL name is Frank Faulkner. I currently live in Australia and I write about things that concern me as a Christian, or as a cranky guy.

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