Who the heck is Aleksej Gubarev, and why is he serving John McCain’s friends?

By John Miller

Saturday the 4th of November, 2017


My popcorn got cold while I was waiting for Mueller to indict Tony Podesta, and there are only so many Nazis I can shoot before I need a break from vidya, so here is the latest news about Fusiongate, the story the MSM refuses to cover about the criminal activity of the woman who always gets away with it.

Hillary is still getting away with casually selling uranium to America’s enemies, taking a $145 Million dollar bribe from Putin, stealing the Dem primary from Bernie, corrupting the DNC, killing Seth Rich, and using Fusion GPS and her Russian pals to smear the President with a fake dossier that started the Mueller fishing expedition.


Hey, but at least John McCain’s buddy is getting served with subpoenas by Aleksej Gubarev now, so that’s something.

Heh, Buzzfeed is getting sued. So now Hulk Hogan will own Gawker and the Russians will own Buzzfeed. Sorry, a Russian. But before we look at Gubarev, let’s recap.

John McCain, as you may recall, is the rogue senator from Arizona. The senior rogue Senator from Arizona. The rogue senator from Arizona who isn’t a coin operated robot that Paul Singer built in the basement of the Manhattan Institute to shill for gay marriage and open borders.

He’s not Jeff Flake.

But he’s still the cranky old Bar Steward who ran straight to Mueller’s buddy with a fake dossier full of lies concocted at Fusion GPS for Hillary Clinton and the Wasserman-Schulz DNC with the dirty money they got from Putin.

You know, the same Fusion GPS who was hired by Putin, through his agents Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin to subvert the Magnitsky Act.


The same Veselnitskaya and Akhmetshin who amazingly turned up to a honeypot meeting in Trump Tower a couple of months after Hillary and the Wasserman-Schulz DNC retained Fusion GPS.

Imagine my shock when yet another Russian enters the picture.

What role did Aleksej Gubarev play in the dirty dossier that caused President Trump to angrily fire Comey for smearing him, after Comey was given the dossier from Hillary via Fusion via McCain which kicked off the Mueller boondoggle?

Welp, according to Aleksej Gubarev, who is currently trying to serve McCain associate David Kramer, and who has sent deposition subpoenas to the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, not much.


No wonder David (pic related?) is ducking and weaving. This guy Aleksej seems pretty litigious. I’d better watch what I say.

Actually, I don’t really know who Aleksej Gubarev is aligned with. For all I know, if slimy British commie slime-bag ex-MI6 douchelord Christopher Steele tipped a bucket on him, then Aleksej Gubarev is probably a good guy. Probably.

So who is Aleksej Gubarev?

Aleksej Gubarev is not the famous Soviet Cosmonaut. May that gentleman rest in peace.

Aleksej Gubarev is a tech industry bigshot Russian ex-patriot who lives in Cyprus, to the best of my knowledge. His hobbies include being rich and not buttoning his shirt up, he has a business that makes a lot of money in the U.S., he wasn’t really on anybody’s radar as a Putinbot, and his other hobby WAS being non-political.


So imagine his shock when Buzzfeed published what Christopher Steele wrote about his company XBT last January:

“[XBT] had been using botnets and porn traffic to transmit viruses, plant bugs, steal data and conduct ‘altering operations’ against the Democratic Party leadership.”

According to Steele, Putin made threats to Gubarev’s mom, who still lives in Russia, and that is why he dunnit.

According to Gubarev, all poppycock. He insists that he has nothing to hide and is willing to co-operate with the Feds.

Does that mean he wants to co-operate with Mueller? Because for me that’s a red flag. Mister-takes-uranium-to-Putin-for-Hillary shouldn’t be investigating anything. He should be being investigated.


It’s hard to know who to believe in this lurid affair any more.


Buzzfeed, the failing pile of garbage which provides Fake News to the internets, redacted Gubarev’s name from the dossier after they published it. They also issued a full apology, but they’re still getting sued.

Sorry guy, we were just trying to smear the president. The internet won’t remember if we just black your name out a couple of days later, amirite?

RT rushed to Gubarev’s defence two days after Buzzfeed smeared him.

Ordinarily this would be a red flag too, but by this time we were only days out from the Trump inauguration, and whatever sweetheart arrangement Putin had with Hillary and Podesta was out the window. THE RUSSIANS were kinda in damage control mode, but still the same rapscallions who decided to fund the Keith Olbermann movement, and crank out its best propaganda.


Gubarev is currently pursuing Steele, Buzzfeed, the editor of Buzzfeed, and for some reason serving John McCain’s friend. All this to the best of my knowledge, which at this stage is quite limited, I admit.

I still have no idea why Gubarev is serving John McCain’s friend.

If anyone else does, please add a comment. So far all I got is that David is a Senior Fellow at the Florida International University’s Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs.

I’m dying to find out what he actually does/did.

No kill me, Putin.



Full disclosure: John Miller is a formerly easy-going Conservative Christian named Frank Faulkner who lives in a working-class suburb in Australia. His hobbies include reading the Bible, and he recently started writing cranky letters to the internet about rich and powerful people and degenerate social trends.

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