Kremlin Keiths: Antifa hate America movement gears up for weekend of Bolshevik Revolution bankrolled by Putin

By John Miller

Friday the 3rd of November, 2017


Remember when America took Russia down and ended the Cold War? Not if you’re some Antifa punk or other Haji traitor gearing up to destroy America this weekend you don’t. It’s treason season, and the Kremlin stands foursquare behind the TRAITOR movement, which only yesterday took out another full-page ad in the Clinton Carlos Times. It called for the violent overthrow of American democracy, and it was paid for with Putin blood roubles.

There is plenty of homegrown treachery afoot that may require Mattis and the Marines to put their boots up its ass before Monday. Putin is not the only funder of it either. Despicable hedge fund vampire George Soros hides behind seven layers of Keith Olbermann and the Bolshevik kids of the Putin Revolution.


Soros would rather see Communism in America than pay the back-taxes that have been piling up at his hedge fund since the Bush administration, a bill now estimated to be 14 BILLION and rising. Hey, when you owe that kind of scratch, why not just fuel a little treason instead of coughing up the dough? We know the Dems will never make him pay up, because Soros owns the Democrat traitors lock, stock, and empty barrel.

In damning testimony this week before the Senate, Facebook was forced to reveal the full extent of Kremlin meddling in American Democracy, and every time Russian agents have provoked violence on the streets of America it was the tolerant Left who got played by Putin’s roubles.

We all knew that Soros was pouring dirty money on the fires of Ferguson, and now we know that the slick propaganda urging African Americans to burn down their neighbourhoods was MADE IN RUSSIA.

Linda Sarsour Feminist march stealth Jihad BDS Hamas Islamism sharia ciar liar hypocrite islamic terrorism copy

Those protests against American Democracy led by Death to America Haji Linda Sar-SOUR and Friend of Harvey pervert Michael Moore? FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.

The Reds are not done yet. The violent Left are operating on unprecedented levels of treachery and deceit, and Kremlin agents are everywhere. Not least in Keith Olbermann’s bed, where they fantasize about their Putin future, even as they smear the President with their own Russian Bolshevik treachery.

WAKE UP AMERICA, and if you love Christ our Saviour then talk to your kids before they walk out this weekend to burn down America for Communism. Confront them with the real facts about Russian interference in American democracy:

Hillary Clinton selling Putin 1/5 of the America’s Highly Enriched Uranium for $145 Million dollars. TREASON.

American HEU in Iranian and North Korean nukes, sold to them by an American Secretary of State. TREASON.


The $145 Million dollars Hillary got from the Russians used to rig the election against Bernie and corrupt the DNC with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. DOUBLE TREASON.

The patriot Bernie bro Seth Rich who knew too much at the Clinton DNC and got whacked by Kremlin goons to cover Hillary’s crimes. JUSTICE FOR SETH.

The Russian honeypot and dirty dossier cooked up at Fusion GPS for Clinton and Wasserman-Schultz to smear President Trump. INVESTIGATE FUSION NOW.

It’s time these Antifa punk kids knew the truth, that they are being used by Putin and Clinton, before it’s too late for them, and for America.



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