AntiChristfa BTFO: Asian FemAnon takes on the Bolshevik bigots, says it’s OK to be white

By John Miller

Friday the 3rd of November, 2017


The Putin-Soros antifa rape squads that are running amok on American campuses and menacing young Christian college girls have issued a dire warning. Their latest victim: Asian FemAnon, the brave young Christian girl who took a stand against their bigotry. Their message: SHUT UP OR ELSE, CHRISTIAN!

Asian FemAnon, a young Asian Christian college student, has become an unlikely hero of the Chans, the once notorious no-girls-allowed club.


By going under the cover of darkness all alone to put up posters of love and support for her white classmates, Asian FemAnon has earned a place in the heart of even the edgiest of young Faux-Wermacht LARPers.

Her stand against the racism experienced every day by students of non-colour has endeared her to the unlikeliest of allies.


Her threads, which once would have been spammed with Nazi and Tanky hate-spam, are instead full of support from all those worldwide who support Asian FemAnon and her message of Christian Love for her white brothers and sisters.

Brown, Black, Yellow, White. In God’s eyes we are all OK, and this is the uplifting Christian message posted up by FemAnon.


Not so fast Christian! Already the PC thugs are plotting their insidious and disgusting revenge, posting threats of rape or worse.

Asian FemAnon, who posted her Christian purity ring in reply, remains undeterred.


God speed Asian FemAnon, you are doing the Lord’s work. Can we get some support for this brave Christian girl please?


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