8 Questions every Aussie Christian should ask drongo MPs to Save Our Churches from the Left and Fake Conservative Gays

By John Miller

Friday the 3rd of November, 2017


Do you believe in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and the Gospels?

Are you prepared to stand up for the right of Christian Conservatives and the Christian Libertarian Right to worship Christ free of degeneracy?


What have you done to resist the Sodomy lobby and their assault upon the Christian institution of marriage?

When are the Christians of Australia going to get our guns back, and don’t we need them now more than ever with our Christian democracy under assault by the twin evils of Red Beijing Communism and Radical Islamic terror?

Why are the free speech rights of Christians who advocate for the Word of God under attack in a nation built by Christians, and what are you doing to prevent it?

Why does every junky, Jihadi and homosexual have more free speech rights to slander Jesus than I have to defend the Bible?

Will you stand up and make the case for the rights of the dear little unborn babies, whose souls are ripped out daily?

And finally, we here at the Free Peach believe that our Korean War and Vietnam War heroes are criminally disrespected. Will you throw your full support behind making Len Opie Day a national holiday?


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