Where’s trust-buster Teddy Roosevelt when you need him? I’m sick of the Google monopoly on everything.

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


Welcome to the future, consumer. We’ve preloaded your phone with Google everything. We control all of your metadata, watch what you watch, and know where you go. We know everything about you.

Does anybody else want to wake up from this nightmare? Too late, because Google already preloaded your Congressman with donations, to protect the interests of the Google dystopia, and ensure nobody gets to escape the Orwellian-Huxley present.

Where are the boundaries to the impudence of this trust?


There is even a team of thought police at Google docs who comb through your files, and flag anything which might not be quite in line with the Current Year good-think.

It is time to slay this puffed up maggot-blown hivemind, I say.

The good news is that the Sherman Antitrust Act is waiting, like Excalibur. How long until somebody has the guts to draw it, and hack Google down to the size?

Remember when the mere flourishing of Sherman transformed the villainous and ubiquitous Microsoft from the deviant monolith that overcharged us for Blue Screen OS into the timid little thing it is today.

It even changed Bill Gates. He was not always the chastised philanthropy nerd he became after Sherman neutered him.

Everybody knows that Google is the evillest corporation on the face of the planet.


They are the corporate embodiment of the values of California, the state with no morals that worships profligacy.

Googlism is worse than Chinese Stalinism. At least the Chinese can claim to protect the national interests of a billion people. Google protects the interests of nothing except the Google Cartel, and their phoney Commiefornia morality is just a Vice Crusade for profit.

Break up the Google trust immediately. It is anti-competitive, anti-freedom, anti-Christian, and un-American.


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