Uncle Steve intoxicated with Breitbart power, thinks he can finally beat Jared in the Trump love primaries

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


Fresh off his victory against Swamp Republican Luther Strange, and with the queer globalists falling Left and Fake Right, Steven Bannon has now focused the big guns at Breitbart on his very own white whale, Moby Kushner.

Captain Ahab and the good folk of the SS Breitbart, in what may only be described as a headlong descent into full-blown /pol/-tier madness, seem to have decided that the principal remaining enemy of America is Kushner.


Um, OK, but he was probably mostly at home observing the Sabbath while America was being divided up between Paul Singer and the Clinton Foundation over the last eight years. I guess that is sufficiently Jewish to make a good explanation for the type of low information voters that desperately need to believe that the Merchants who run the world are the ones keeping them in the basement with Mom’s tendies. Oy vey.

Steve Bannon is a hero in some quarters, and a villain in others, but to most Trump supporters he is above all the foremost voice of America First, and the champion of the entirely reasonable concept of economic nationalism which is already bringing home the bacon under Trump.

Breitbart is at its best when it isn’t administering daily swirlys to Jared Kushner. Why it would try and please the ten guys who turn up to every Trump rally and embarrass the thousands upon millions of patriotic Americans who enthusiastically stump for Trump is anybodies guess, but I’m guessing it’s mostly personal animus.


Rather than tattling on Jared to Trump through his minions, perhaps Uncle Steve ought to just go back to focusing on what he does best, kicking globalist butt.

We are all losing focus here, and there are plenty of deadbeats in the Congress and the Legacy Media and Hollyweird who deserve those Breitbart cannon balls more than Mr Perfect.

Jarrod may not have solved the opioid crisis or brought peace to the Middle East, but his quiet endeavours have not been entirely fruitless either, and he still enjoys the full faith and trust of Donald J Trump, which is a good enough endorsement for me.

None of us will never be as good looking as Jared and Ivanka. Deal with it, Steve.

Carolina Herrera Fashion Show with GREY GOOSE Vodka at the Cadillac Championship

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