Soros fears the POTUS: Hedge fund swindler begs for Revolution in NY Times ad to avoid $14 BILLION tax bill

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


George Soros faces a MONSTER Tax Bill, but instead of coughing up the dough like an ordinary mortal, the legendary sponsor of chaos has decided to roll the dice on the genderqueer pyjama revolutionaries of AntiFa coming to his rescue with a Bolshevik revolution this weekend instead.

His largesse even paid for a full-page ad in the Times. OOOH, can I bring my pumpkin spice latte, and get some selfies, comrade? #SillyMillennials

Why wait for the weekend? None of those losers have jobs.


Hey Mueller, while you’re shaking down Manafort for that measly $75 Mil, we got a guy over here that’s good for at least $14 Billion.

And isn’t calling for the bloody overthrow of the elected government a capital crime? That’s a hanging offence right there.

Who’s up for a comfy weekend of watching Mattis roll over these pyjama Commies in an Abrams tank?

Does this mean we get to hang George Soros on Monday? It’s not even his first offence against liberal democracy. Asian Financial Crisis anybody?

Nor would it be the first time George has caused an American city to go up in flames. Hello Ferguson.



Deferring income is what helped the billionaire hedge fund manager build his fortune, that and carnage. In layman’s terms, George Soros is a bloodthirsty vampire who makes his skrilla off the suffering of the others. The rest is all unpaid taxes.

At the end of 2013, the last time a financial journalist at Bloomberg was allowed to do their job, it was estimated that Soros Fund Management had amassed $13.3 billion through the use of deferrals, according to his Irish regulatory filings.

Hey George, that money belongs to America, and POTUS is coming for it.

While you’re hiding behind your pansexual pyjama Bolsheviks, why not tell them that they’re only there as your personal army to help you rip off America?

Just pay your taxes already, you greedy old bastard.

George-Soros (1)

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