It’s OK to be White?

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


Here we go again. The edgy Chan kids are back, and they’ve got a catchy slogan: It’s OK to be white.

So, uh, this is racist now. Because reasons and stuff.

Why is this even controversial, on any level?

All my friends think I’m OK. My family is OK too.

We’ve had a few dud white guys. Hitler. Justin Beiber. A few other Canadians, probably. Justin Trudeau. Everyone in Hollywood.


Apart from that we’re mostly good. Putin, yeah Putin….that guy’s totally evil. Hillary Clinton.

Having said our collective mea culpa, I will now present to you, gentle readers, a small gallery of white people who make it OK to be white.

King James, who gave us the King James bible. He was an awesome king whose hobbies included keeping England safe from witchcraft and being Scottish.

Almost everyone involved in Operation Overlord was OK, and they were overwhelmingly white, despite what the virtue signalling soyboys who lose tons of money for Bethesda would have us believe. Precisely none of the young men who ran off the landing craft at Normandy and charged the Nazi bunkers were mocha pansexual atheists. They were pretty much all white Christians, with Jews well represented too. Most of those Jews look pretty much like all the other Americans to me, so I don’t even know why I brought that up. And the 500 black guys who fought alongside the 30,000 white guys in the first American wave – totally based.

Juno Beach D-Day Landings

No racist, bro. Just saying it’s OK to be white, ya know…

How about Christopher Columbus. That guy was awesome. Sailing all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to the new world, bringing the Word of God and civilisation with him.

Booooo, the Left hate real progress. Columbus should have taught the natives that gender was a social construct, and let them keep sacrificing one another to their heathen gods. Radical. I love genderfluid Christine Columbus. Tear the beating heart out of my chest and offer it your Moon god, wolfkin.

Who else does the Left hate that is totally OK? George Washington. He was awesome. Totally refused to lie, Father of the American revolution. Boooo, patriarchy. How dare we keep up a tiny little plaque in a Church somewhere for this terrible white guy.

Slaves. Yeah, I know. Hey, slavery was bad, we all know that, but everybody was doing it until Christians took over the world, and the Church eventually stamped it out.


You think there’d be no slavery if Charles Martel didn’t hammer the Moors? Those guys whole religion is based on keeping everything cosplay perfect to the life-time of Mohamad. That means no toilet paper, queers get thrown off high places, women shut the hell up, and ayyyyyyyyyyy, slavery.

All these Haji Sheikhs who got an ivy league or Oxford education and go home and be all tolerant or whatever are doing it because we subverted them with Western values.

The world briefly had a Caliphate recently, and guess what? Slavery everywhere. Sex slaves everywhere. Pretty sure they even took one fat German Haji and made him into a sex slave girl as well. God damn filthy Hajis.

So who else was OK and white? Practically anybody who ever invented anything, ever. Come on, pick something. Then Google it and find out who invented it. Yeah, I’m engaging in hyperbole, but the next time you fly somewhere or drive something, don’t forget to say thanks to us white guys. And says thanks for electricity and stuff. And television.


I’m not saying that Asians aren’t better than me in academics, or that the Japanese didn’t invent all of my electronics.

I’m certainly not ragging on Africa for having a rough four thousand years either. You guys really seemed to lose your way right after you invented architecture, and threw up those lovely Pyramids, and invented Sumerian religion, and writing, and city states. But this isn’t about you. Everybody already knows it’s OK to be black or brown. Exactly why are the Snoop Dog and the Black Men with Attitude rap gang OK, but not Mozart and Vivaldi?

Everybody has to tiptoe around diversity queers and their stupid opinions these days. I prefer a robust debate that puts me on the same side as the OK philosophy crew: Aristotle, Plato and Socrates.


I could go on and on. Literature, painting, architecture. Saying whites are pretty good at lots of stuff shouldn’t be considered racist, it should just be considered redundant.

I already have enough to apologise to God for each week. Where does all the hand wringing end?

I’m not apologising for being proud of my ancestors. Nobody should have to do that, unless, you know, they were literally Hitler.

The Left can take a hike. My ancestors did a good job and were decent God-fearing Christians who built a great society. I’m proud of them, and so should you be.



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