Exuberant GEOTUS gracefully boosts failing New York Times, Fake News SEETHING

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


President Donald Trump took some time out of his busy schedule today to talk to the Grey Lady about tax reform and his upcoming trip to Asia. With the YUGE tax reform package of CUT CUT CUTS almost here, and a vital round of meetings with leaders who are ripping America off in trade just around the corner, how do think the journos at the Carlos Slim Hillary Clinton Fake News Foundation reacted?

Imagine my shock. They decided to sulk and pout, and throw another tantrum at the President.


How about that fishing expedition by his enemies? Wasn’t he seething mad about it. Not really. So far more has turned up linking the Clintons and the DNC to the Russians over the last ten months. None of it from the hapless Mueller of course. That guy really, really, really loves the Clintons. Good boy Mueller, always happy to take time off from whatever it is he does all day to go deliver some uranium samples to Moscow.

What else was the President angry about? Isn’t it mean to want to stop handing out Diversity Visa terrorist Green Cards? Did he stop to consider their feelings before he just sends them off to Gitmo willy nilly? The America First President laughed at the failing reporters.

But Mr President, what if they start hating us? Haters gonna hate. But they can’t kill us if we don’t let them in, silly.


GEOTUS has a busy day ahead of him, strategizing on the Morning In America Again tax cuts, and it was good of him to reach out to the lunatic asylum that cranks out Fake News for the deranged Left.

Middle America still loves you, Mr President, for saving the blue coast incidentally, when you rescued the entire nation from Obama’s endless economic malaise.

Good guy Trump, taking time out from bringing back jobs and prosperity to talk to the Left. Will they ever give him credit for the FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in new household wealth that he’s created in America single-handedly, and against every projected expectation of the phoney press?



Do any of these wine swilling lushes, who seem to write every article in a violent stupor of hate filled intoxication, not even look at the facts at all anymore?

Almost a year in and still no mention of the booming Trump economy, that smashing of the 3% Obama Poverty Ceiling by the Donald, and the return of the Mac employment figures that we haven’t seen since MC Hammer wore puffy pants.

Trump knows he still has a job to do, but it would be nice if his haters had just a fraction of his warmth.

Never mind, next stop Tax Cut City, and then Total Victory on trade in Asia.

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