Donna Brazile hits Hillary Clinton with the truth bus, Dems stunned

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


Just like the brave actresses who are coming forward and telling the world what Harvey did, the Democrats are finally having their #metoo Hillary moments. One by one, all the people that Hillary Clinton lied to, blackmailed, stepped over, and used are slowly start to come forward.

The latest victim to bravely speak up is Donna Bazile. We all know that Donna gave Hillary those questions in the debate. That is how Hillary operates. She uses you, compromises you, and lets it be known that she comprised you so that you are wed to her corruption forever.


Unlike Mueller, the uranium sample transporter whose subservience to Hillary continues unabated, Donna has come forward and unburdened her conscience. This is what redemption looks like, and it is a beautiful thing, the truth.

Hillary Clinton rigged the race against Bernie, and I have the proof she says.


Hillary Clinton took full control of the DNC long before she had beaten Bernie, Donna confirms. It was all just a sham, her coronation.

Praise the Lord.

Hillary Clinton is the Harry Potter of corrupt politicians. She has broken so many laws that you can serialise her crimes.

In Hillary Clinton and Uranium One, Hillary sells 1/5 of America’s deadly uranium to Putin for $145 Million.

Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton Address DNC's Women's Leadership Forum Conference

In Hillary and Debbie does Bernie, Hillary rigs an election with her friend Debbie.

Mueller, if you have an ethical bone in your body, then you need to haul in Debbie Wasserman Shultz this very day. You need to properly investigate CrowdStrike, the cyber-security firm that Debbie and Hillary used. Somebody was covering up a crime there. Somebody named Debbie, who was stealing something from Bernie Sanders for her friend Hillary Clinton.

Why not take another look at the case of Seth Rich while you are at it, Mueller? I don’t want to demagogue this poor kid’s death, but there was a LOT of fishy business going on when Debbie was running the DNC for Hillary, before Donna Brazile came on board on July 28.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out Hillary Clinton and the dirty Steele Dossier. You want Russians, Mueller? They were all working for Hillary with Fusion GPS, buddy.

Donna Brazile did the right thing. Now its time for you to step up and be a real lawman, and investigate some real crimes Mueller.


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