The Diversity Visa Lottery: it’s real and it’s killing real Americans, plenty of terror still to come

By John Miller

Wednesday the 1st of November, 2017


How do Isis terrorists like the Halloween Haji Sayfullo Saipov even get to America? This is what a shocked nation is asking, in the wake of yesterday’s massacre of innocent New Yorkers, in just the latest affront to freedom and the world’s greatest democracy.

For Saipov, coming to America was a piece of cake. He simply played terrorist bingo, as many are now calling the Diversity Visa Lottery.


What’s that? Oh just a little programme run by the State Department, who hand out an extra 50,000 golden tickets every year to those who want to culturally enrich us.

If your hobbies include Death to America, and you are sufficiently diverse, then why not hop online and get your free ride from the State Department?

LOL, not so fast Heterosexual Christian Male. You must be Uzbek terrorist diverse or better to gain entry to America.

Act now to bring Death to America in 2018.


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