Gang of Eight kill one American each for Halloween with Visa Diversity, Jeff Flake very apologetic to Chuck Schumer about it

By John Miller

Wednesday the 1st of November, 2017


Jeff Flake showed once again why the Democrat voters of the great state of Arizona sent him to the senate, instantly rallying to the defence of fellow queer globalist open borders Haji lover Chuck Schumer earlier today.

With the Visa Diversity programme that the senators failed to fix that killed eight Americans on Halloween under fire from Republicans and their leader President Donald Trump, Flake rallied to the defence of the Gang of Eight, alleging that if they had only been allowed to give Amnesty to anybody who walked across the borders, the Halloween Massacre their inaction precipitated could have been entirely avoided.

I was there when it happened, I ought to know exclaimed Jeff Flake. Um, what?


Jeff apparently thinks that the State Department aren’t still handing out 50,000 golden tickets to come kill Americans every year, because of something the Gang of Eight didn’t do. Confused? I know John McCain is.

Imagine how the voters of Arizona must feel. Both their senators have gone rogue. One flipped out of pure malice, and the other guy was stuffed with so much treason while moonlighting as a puppet for the Fake Conservatives at the Manhattan Institute that he can’t even tell what party he belongs to any more.

But hey, at least we’re all still alive. For now.

Who knows what lucky terrorist will win the Visa Diversity jackpot next. Thanks Jeff.

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