Cops take a knee on Shareblue Media prankster after epic comedy fail

By John Miller

Thursday the 2nd of November, 2017


Literally who from literally where? Anybody ever heard of Mike Stark before today? I just spent the last ten minutes Googling him and I’ve still never heard of him.

Apparently Mike’s hobbies include swearing in front of Christian women and children, making a public jackass of himself, and thrashing about under a pile of men.

Well done Virginia’s Finest. I guess Mike won’t be so keen to work blue in the future.

Shariablue is really not sending its best, are they folks. Or maybe they are. How unfortunate.


Meanwhile David Brock continues to chug along in the darkness with the help of a brand-new heart that he recently stole from the beating chest of some human.

Cut back on the Cheese Pizza, David. Really. Or at least stop eating it off Tony Podesta’s back.

That can be very distracting when your fellow super predator is trying to evade justice, don’t you know?




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